bradlee dean

On the one hand, we’re dreading the next four months because we’re headed into peak silly season for state and national elections and there will be so very much dumb politicking rammed down our throats. On the other hand, we write a political humor mommyblog warblog, and ridiculous things done by ridiculous political people is […]

We only started to pay attention to exciting new minor league wingnut Michael Peroutka a few months ago when he explained how evolution was against the Constitution. Little did we know that he is running (as a Republican, natch) for office in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. In fact, as of late Tuesday, he’s leading the […]

It was the purest and merest of chance that led us to google our old friend Bradlee Dean to see what he’s up to these days. We had no idea he had such an attractive new website with many colors and much shouting and ALL CAPS headlines and oh look what do we have here? […]

Oh, golly, you know sometimes Yr Doktor Zoom goes a few weeks or more without encountering the odd mental oscillations of Wonkette frenemy Bradlee Dean, who keeps failing to sue us so we can get all his money. We still think that Jim Hoft richly deserves his title of Stupidest Man on the Internet, but […]

Regular readers will know that we have made it a practice to be your go-to source for all things Larry Klayman. Yes, he of the Million Larry March to Inpeach Obama, and the imaginary grand jury to indict Obama, and also too the representing Wonket fan favorite Bradleeeeee Dean, and also last coming dangerously close […]

You know how much mirth Bradlee Dean has brought to us over the years. Ol’ Bradlee is going to have to step up his game HARD because there is a hep new Jesus dood in town here to tell all the public-school schoolchildren about how girls are loudmouthed sluts if they give in to the […]

Wonkette frenemy and weird child-thrashing advocate Bradlee Dean just wants you all to know that he is not bothered by all you dumb liberal bigots calling him a bigot, and he has studied up on these matters. On his podcast last weekend, Dean explained that he is rubber and you are glue, because Leon Trotsky […]

Longtime Wonkette frenemy and gift to satire Bradlee Dean took to the interwebs Saturday to share some insights on the “Sons of Liberty Radio” podcast, warning that Barack Hussein Obama is no friend of the dusky-hued races, nevermind what the lamestream media has brainwashed people to think: And do tell your black friends and your […]

Welcome to another edition of Derp Roundup, that weekly big ball of wadded-up idiocy from our inbox that was too stoopid to ignore altogether, but that didn’t quite merit a full-length Wonket post. Up first, a quick visit to that land of fiscal restraint, North Carolina, where Gov. Pat McCrory presided over a 2013 legislative […]

Wonket BFF Bradleeeeeeee Dean, best known in this here corner of the Interwebs for a laughably dumb threat to sue us back in The Day, is reportedly without his cult of unpaid Hare Krishnas begging outside gas stations (and getting thrown out of the van when they didn’t pony up for gas themselves), as they […]

Wonket BFF Bradlee Dean was on the radio again, you guys, where he said things, with his facehole! And he had on another guy, Jake McMillan, who said things with his facehole too! (Jake is the one bringing the “facts”; Bradleeeeee is the one blindly agreeing.) So if you are not ready to have some […]

Noted First Amendment scholar and bff to your Wonket Bradlee Dean knows a thing or two about the media: First, he knows that he can sue you if you libel him by quoting him verbatim. Second, he knows who is to blame (applaud?) for the George Zimmerman acquittal, and that is the media, because of […]

You know, we really can’t figure out anymore if right-wingers are playing some four-dimensional meta chess sorta thing these days or have really become untethered from reality or why even choose. Exhibit eleventy: the weird tendency of wingnuts to cry foul when people have the temerity to quote them. Witness Bradlee Dean, who wanted to […]

Since you read Wonkette, you are probably a ghey or a ghey-lover, so you probably reacted with a range of emotions from “cool” to “ABOUT FUCKING TIME HELL YEAH” to the news that Minnesota’s gone gay all of a sudden. What you probably did not do is gnash your teeth and rend your garments about […]

Wonket bestie Bradlee Dean is still trying to tell schools how they should be, even though he keeps getting chased out of schools (and even whole towns!) for being The Worst. But here is a funny thing! In his newest “Good Old Days” column, in which he pines for a yesteryear when children could take […]