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Wonkette Self-Care For Nov. 16: This Terrible Angelina Jolie Movie

Here is a thing you can watch that is not about politics. And it. is. THE. WORST!

Loser Donald Trump Can’t Stop Crying Over What A Big Loser He Is

Donald Trump blames everybody but himself for how he's losing like such a sad, weak loser right now.
It's not the Bilberberger that'll get you. It's the secret sauce. Which is made of PEOPLE!

Alex Jones Rants About She-Devil Globalist Witch Angelina Jolie, In Better Times

Brangelina is no more. Try some Alexina Jonelie instead.

2014: The Year All Rape Ended Forever Because It Never Existed Obviously

In the early days of 2014, the world was a simpler, happier place. Bill Cosby was still a kindly, grandfatherly funnyman and not a horrible monster rapist, and we all enjoyed playfully teasing him about his sweaters and Jell-O...

Meet the Gun-Humping ‘Brad Pitt Of The GOP’

Northern Minnesota is the land of Bob Dylan and the Boundary Waters, a place where every sunset is accompanied by the haunting songs of loons and no one ever talks about their feelings. It is also home to Stewart Mills,...

Ten Pounds Of Happy Nice Time In A Five Pound Bag

You can't even believe the sheer volume of Happy Nice Time Happiness we have for you today. Do you want to hear about how the gays made it so you have to use Internet Explorer now because of how...

Brad Pitt Should Not Make Movie About Steubenville Rape, Because

Great news, everyone! Brad Pitt wants to make a movie about the awful terrible no good very bad ordeal frequently referred to as the Steubenville rape. (Can it please be starring Brad Pitt? Please? We hope so because mmmmmmm,...

Tea Party Congressman Jeff Landry Really Hopes Nobody Saw Him at Snoop Dogg Show

The Tea Party freshman who wormed his way into all our hearts when he held up some lame sign reading "Drilling = Jobs" at Obama's fancy Jobs speech* like some sort of fainting Claymaniac at an American Idol "concert,"...

Celebrities Are In Washington Again, And Stuff!

Oh golly, a coterie of unpaid Hill interns has discovered a pair of famous Movie Stars walking around our Washington D.C.! Everyone loves the Movies, right? Well let's share a Hill intern's e-mail about famous liberals Brad Pitt and...

Mr. and Mrs. Smith Go To Washington

Gossip Roundup: So Much For Off The Record