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Chuck Todd Figures Out Thing

This is why he has one of the highest paying jobs in TV news.


Thanks a lot, media, for literally helping turn the world's greatest democracy over to a fucking tyrant.

CNN Can’t Quiiiite Figure Out Whether Donald Trump Or Hillary Clinton Is The Real Racist

CNN reporting on 'mutual charges' of racism between Hillary and Trump, because Both Sides Do It, right?

Trump-Loving Florida Man Wishes Media The Best, In Only Way He Knows How

A gentleman named American Patriot had some choice words about patriotism and treason for reporters in the press pen at a Trump rally.
Just the unborn kind though

Bob Woodward So Tired Of How Both Sides Are Exactly As Bad As Donald Trump

Great Journalist Bob Woodward has thoughts about The Tone.


Yesterday, Donald Trump opened his mouth and -- in the most charitable interpretation, because we are Charity Itself -- made a "joke" about gun nuts killing Hillary Clinton to stop her from repealing the Second Amendment. This was, for...

Every Word Of Paul Ryan’s Thoughtful, Sober, Bipartisan New Ad Is A Hilarious Lie

Paul Ryan is making mouth sounds again claiming to be soooo bipartisan, and thoughtful, and not like those other dicks in the Republican party and the House, which he is the head of. Paul Ryan doesn't hate poor people...

Hillary Clinton Is Sick Of Your Sh*t!

Are Hillary Clinton rallies turning into unsafe spaces? Is she every bit the protest-quashing monster that Donald Trump is? The intrepid truth-seekers at David Horowitz's TruthRevolt bring us this shocking, astonishing video of Hillary shaking hands at a rope...
Abbie Hoffman would be so disappointed

Clumsy Trump Protester Assaults Pavement With Own Face

The violence at Trump rallies took a surprising turn this week outside his rally in Janesville, Wisconsin. In addition to the still-unidentified (yes, still) jerk who pepper-sprayed a 15-year-old girl, we also have this indisputable proof that Both Sides...
Important thoughts from a man who looks like a thumb.

Serious Pundit Ron Fournier Tries To Defend Himself, Re-Steps On His Own Dick

Poop spigot Ron Fournier took quite a hiding on the Internet yesterday over his regular outbreak of “both sides-ism,” and rightly so. Today he is back to try to explain himself with a whiny and defensive column that still...

Bill Nye, Science Guy, To Perform His Most Dangerous Feat Yet

Fresh off his not-really-a-debate (though he won) appearance with creationist Ken Ham, Science Guy Bill Nye will take on another leading proponent of nonscience, Tennessee Rep. Marsha Blackburn, in a not-really-a-debate appearance on this Sunday's Meet The Press...

New ‘Drunk Dial Congress’ Site A Poor Substitute For Actual Drinking

We can completely respect the idea behind the novelty website DrunkDialCongress -- and thanks to all the Wonkette Operatives who sent us tips on this! -- which as Politico explains, simulates the act of drunk-dialing like so: users put in their...

Baton Rouge Sheriff Is Sorry Not Sorry That He Arrested You People Just For Being Gay

Oh hey gheys.. Have you been enjoying your newfound freedom to get all gay married as long as your state likes it and to file federal taxes jointly and stick your significant other with your student loans when you...

‘White Student Union’ So Mad About Getting Hit With May Day Bags of Pee

So here is a thing that happened in Washington DC yesterday: CNN reports that members of "The White Student Union" and the "May Day Workers" came together in Lafayette Park for a frank exchange of views and hurled bags...

Dictators’ Errand Boy/Fox News Democrat Lanny Davis Explains Left Is Hateful

Southern California has a plethora of tourist destinations so it is understandable if you have never felt compelled to visit the Nixon Library in Yorba Linda. From the outside it resembles an upscale strip mall. The building is nestled...