both sides do it

Fresh off his not-really-a-debate (though he won) appearance with creationist Ken Ham, Science Guy Bill Nye will take on another leading proponent of nonscience, Tennessee Rep. Marsha Blackburn, in a not-really-a-debate appearance on this Sunday’s Meet The Press on NBC. As we said about the Ham On Nye show, it’s not really going to prove […]

We can completely respect the idea behind the novelty website DrunkDialCongress — and thanks to all the Wonkette Operatives who sent us tips on this! –¬†which as Politico explains, simulates the act of drunk-dialing like so: users put in their own phone number. The site then calls them from an 1-800 number and connects them […]

Oh hey gheys.. Have you been enjoying your newfound freedom to get all gay married as long as your state likes it and to file federal taxes jointly and stick your significant other with your student loans when you die? Damn straight you have. And, since 2003 when the Supremes decided Lawrence v. Texas, you’ve […]

So here is a thing that happened in Washington DC yesterday: CNN reports that members of “The White Student Union” and the “May Day Workers” came together in Lafayette Park for a frank exchange of views and hurled bags of urine. We pretty much hate the white supremacists because their ideology is, you know, all […]

Southern California has a plethora of tourist destinations so it is understandable if you have never felt compelled to visit the Nixon Library in Yorba Linda. From the outside it resembles an upscale strip mall. The building is nestled deep inside the miasma of the white flight Orange County suburbs, which allows distinguished speakers a […]

So, how should we react when a poll shows that over a third of Republicans and independents say they “believe that a secretive power elite with a globalist agenda is conspiring to eventually rule the world through an authoritarian world government, or New World Order”? (When you factor in the 15% of Democrats who fear […]

In yet another example of the weird-ass confluence between food and politics in the current campaign season, the Youngstown, Ohio soup kitchen where Paul Ryan staged a photo-op by washing clean pans is now facing an angry wave of cancelled donations, maybe! Nothing supports the GOP stance of letting private charity take the place of […]

Massachusetts Senator (and former “nice guy”) Scott Brown does not condone his top staffers war-whooping and tomahawk-chopping like a bunch of vulgar Atlanta fans, and so he has given them “their one and only warning.” He means it this time, or they will get a time out! He has such strong feelings about this that […]

Hey, there, fellow leftists! Hope you’re all having a great day eating organic arugula, liberating lab animals from a university research facility, and withholding your children from getting vaccinated! Because it turns out that, despite the fairly well-documented dislike of science facts by many on the right, it’s really libruls who hate science, as the […]