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One reason America’s never come to grips with its racist-nationalist past is Americans are pointedly encouraged not to know a nationalist racist when they see one. One can scarcely write the word ‘Nazi’ online without angry writs from comments-section Godwin’s lawyers demanding all electronic conversation cease forthwith. Worse, even talking about an American fascism is […]

In the annals of American hucksterism, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Poutine) is a political Ron Popeil, albeit without the slicing and dicing. And now he has a fitting monument to his achievements — a 5-dollar coloring book that was slapped together in a few days and sold out its first print run of 10,000 copies almost […]

by Dan Weber I don’t care whether his family’s feelings are hurt or not. If they are, they can take comfort from the extraordinary piety, stupidity, and, generally speaking, the uniformity of coverage of the man’s death.  -Christopher Hitchens, on the legacy of Jerry Falwell, as quoted by Chris Faraone, author of I Killed Breitbart. […]

Sternums up, everybody! Time to wrap up our visit to the mind of Great American Artist Of America Jon McNaughton, as revealed in his teen novel Knight of the Superstitions. It’s a stirring tale of a young Mary Sue named Josh Knight, who with the help of his guardian angel Nathaniel becomes adept at seeing […]

We’re going to take a short break from our American history textbooks for homeschoolers, because Alert Reader “Blanche” tipped us off to a self-published booklike object that we somehow missed when it splashed into the internet in late July: Great American Artist Jon McNaughton has written a novel that does for Teen Fiction what Christian […]

One nice thing about writing for Yr Wonkette is that we don’t even have to pretend to hide our raging nerd-crush on Rachel Maddow, or pretend that we don’t just melt in fannish excitement when she acknowledges the existence of our little mommyblog — she’s called Wonkette “profane and excellent” on air…twice! (Squeee!) So we […]

When Kid Zoom was a wee lad of about 4, his favorite bedtime story for a while was Yr Doktor Zoom’s extemporaneous retelling of Charles Lindbergh’s transatlantic flight. No idea how we stumbled on that narrative as a bedtime story; maybe there was a hope that the part about Lindbergh barely being able to stay […]

Conservatives have a hard time deciding what to find more shocking: the suspension of White House tours because of the sequester, or the insanely outrageous cost of having an Executive Mansion in the first place, especially if the hired help puts their unworthy feet up on the furniture. Today’s review looks at an e-book that […]

When Americans think of “lying Rupert Murdoch-owned filthyweasels spewing rightwing talking points,” they of course think of Fox News. But There’s a whole ‘nother arm of the Murdoch Bullshit Machine that operates semi-independently of the Fox News domain, and that’s their terrible stinky community website, Fox Nation (motto: “We’re The One That Allows Comments”), which […]

Well, duh. Hell, we’ll help ‘em pack. God knows that every time Your Wonkette runs a story about some new idiocy coming out of a former state of the Confederacy, incredulous commenters have to ask “Why did we even let them rejoin the Union?” Travel writer Chuck Thompson decided that the question was worth exploring […]

Remember like a week ago, when “bad boy” Breitbart reporter Jason Mattera turned out to be “bad” at his job? There he was, just cold grillin’ Bono about being a big huge hypocrite for, we don’t know, probably “taxes and Africa,” and he was all GOTCHA! and Sean Hannity was all yes, please, let’s put […]