We’ve been consumed — CONSUMED — with the notion that Wendi Deng, the decades-younger ladywife of Freedom Hero Rupert Murdoch, was totally getting porked by British lapdog to the stars Tony Blair. But did we have the means to prove it? Fuck no. Thank God Vanity Fair is here to give this story the kind […]

Here is Dr. Keith Ablow, on Fox & Friends, blowing a Bill O’Reilly-like gasket at the state of the world today, as evidenced by — you may want to escort all children and pregnant women from the room — a mom buying a doll for her son. OH SHIT! GENDER-QUEERS! Now all boys are gonna […]

Here is veteran CBS hand Bob Schieffer remembering his favorite convention memories from the past. He treated the 1968 Democratic convention as a sex holiday, because that’s where he impregnated his wife, as was the style of the time. [YouTube]