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Fox News Sunday was trundling along in a pretty predictable discussion of U.S. American President Barack Obama’s pretty predictable West Point speech, with Laura Ingraham saying that Obama’s statement that America is strong “doesn’t even pass the straight-face test,” because duh, Barack Obama is president, and Bob Woodward saying that there really wasn’t any need […]

Superhero Videogame Star and onetime journalist Bob Woodward has a sad that Edward Snowden talked to other journalists instead of to Legendary Journalist Bob Woodward. Not for his own sake, of course, but for the sake of Journamalism and Standards: “I wish he had come to me instead of others, particularly The Guardian… I would […]

Yale University has a class called “Journalism,” and the Yale Daily News has written a completely unironic story about the man who’s been hired to “teach” it. [Yale Daily News]

For someone who spends the day sitting at a computer with NPR playing in the background, Yr Doktor Zoom doesn’t actually use many NPR stories as the starting point for his Wonkets. Today, an exception: We heard this thing on the radio t’other day and knew we would have to write about it, because A) […]

Don’t you just hate it when you spend a bajillion dollars (or, okay, $34,000, but still!) to send your kid to a fancy-pants private school in Washington D.C., and the school shrink makes time with your wife? Arthur “Terry” Newmyer sure does — and that’s why he’s suing Sidwell Friends School, where the Obama girls […]

Bob Woodward, who did something once we guess, continues to be a super awesome guy and not at all a prissy little asshole bitch.

Larry Klayman is an important attorney and figure on the Right. He founded Judicial Watch — which in addition to suing Bill Clinton every time he sneezed, also sued the Bush administration over Dick Cheney’s secret energy meetings. Then he did such a bang-up job suing Rachel Maddow on behalf of Bradlee Dean, that he […]

When the honest to God actual journalists at TMZ (seriously; have they ever been wrong about anything?) ran into Hero of American Journamalism Bob Woodward, they had some important questions at the ready, like “why are you the worst writer in the universe,” and “how come you constantly lie?” and “how’s your court-mandated remedial journalism […]

When you are saying what we are saying, right up there in the headline what you just read, and which is that journamalism hero and staple of J-school classes but everywhere Bob Woodward is a worse hack than Ghost Andrew Breitbart’s Little Goebbels sextivist James O’Keefe and Ghost Andrew Breitbart’s very own Friend of Hamas […]

Apparently this General Jones fellow just could not stop gossiping with Bob Woodward about how much Obama sucks at war. And Jones was planning on leaving anyway because he is a crybaby so Obama said “hey, the sooner the better. Get out.” President Obama will announce on Friday that Gen. James Jones, the national security […]

Afghanistan always seemed like a fine place to make one’s fortune, what with its colorful poppy fields, rich and varied traditions of sculpture and architecture, and snow leopards slinking in and out of mountain caves. Exotic and fun, right? But your reviewer just learned that there’s some kind of war going on over there right […]

Bob Woodward’s new book, This Obama Guy Did 9/11, will be that thing everybody in Washington buys on Monday even though they read all the sad dirt today in the newspapers. Obama’s own supporters just bitched at him for 10 hours on Monday during a tragic town hall. The economy is probably going to be […]

McCain, in his big speech last night, vowed to end “partisan rancor.” He made this clear by using the word “fight” 43 times, literally. [New York Times] St. Paul police arrested 250 anti-war protestors — filled, presumably, with now-illegal Partisan Rancor — before McCain’s acceptance speech. [St. Paul Star Tribune] Bob Woodward’s new book alleges […]