bob jones university

Nothing looks the least bit suspicious about this, right? Back in January 2013, fundamentalist Pod-People incubator Bob Jones University in Greenville, South Carolina, hired an independent third-party consulting group to investigate claims of long-running sexual abuse at the school, as well as ineffective administration responses to reports of abuse. They were to prepare a report, […]

(Click here for Part I) Welcome to Part II of our new series of visits to Christianist America, a parallel universe where the Universe is 8,000 years old, scientists conspire to destroy God, and the only way to save children from left-wing bias in public schools is to explicitly indoctrinate them with right-wing ideology. Every […]

As we all know by now, Louisiana is experimenting with freeing their children from the tyranny of the Government Schools, and will soon, maybe, start spending public school funds on vouchers for kids to attend any private school their parents want (unless it’s an Islammy school, of course). And as we also all know, this […]