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GOP Sen. Bob Corker Wants To Massage Donald Trump’s Nuggets, Which Sounds REALLY GROSS, SENATOR

Yr Wonkette lives in Tennessee, and we have some THOUGHTS TO 'SPLAIN TO OUR SENATOR.
Hope you've been making regular contributions to your health savings account...

Senate Dems Skip College Sportsball Game To Talk All Night About Obamacare. Is That Even Legal?

Senate Democrats held a talkathon to call attention to how Americans will be hurt if the ACA is repealed. Now get talking to your own senators and representatives.

Team of Evils: Mitt Romney Saves The Universe?

Just kidding. It's hopeless.
Stoled from Twitters, will credit if we find out what magnificent bastard did this.

Mike Pence To Handle A Bit More Than Typical Veep, Like ‘Domestic Policy And Foreign Policy’

It's a good thing Mike Pence isn't a power-hungry jerk. At least we hope he isn't because if Donald Trump wins in November, Pence will run things while Trump golfs.

Look At All The Beautiful White People On Donald Trump’s VP Short List!

Yep, it's basically a bunch of dumb crackers. Oh, and Ben Carson.
Just being a good Christian

Ted Cruz Wishes Child Sex Slaves Would Think Of The Unborn Babies

<a href="http://wonkette.com/597828/everybody-hates-ted-cruz-and-his-stupid-foreign-born-face"></a>It's easy to forget, what with all the breaking news about Ted Cruz's alleged sex scandals and dildo-grabbing, that the man currently running second place for the Republican presidential nomination actually has a day job, as the most...
Bluto studied Photoshop at Estes Kefauver Community College

Obama Proposes Free Community College; Will Terrify Wingnuts With Educated Populace

Now here's a nice thing if you're into "education" and "free stuff," which of course you are, because you're an over-educated socialist liberal. President Obama is heading to Tennessee today to announce a program that would provide qualified students...
Hey, House Science and Technology Committee, we found you a new logo!

Gas May Be Cheaper, But Congressional Jerk Babies Refuse To Pay For Roads

So now that President Michele Bachmann has fulfilled her campaign promise to bring gas prices down to $2 a gallon, this would be an excellent time to tack a few pennies onto the gas tax to help fix up...

Tennessee GOP Will Move This Plant To Mexico Before They Let VW Let Its Workers Have A Union

Well this is what happens when you let Germans build an auto plant in a patriotic right-to-work-with-no-rights-at-work state like Tennessee: First chance they get, the damned socialists start acting like their employees are entitled to union representation, even...

Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker: Let Them Eat Catfood

There are a lot of rich white men who are representing you in our nation's most deliberative body, and sometimes they set themselves apart by being INSANELY CRAZY. But sometimes they are just run-of-the-mill crazy, in which case it...

JOHN THUNE CONCEDES THAT REPUBLICANS DON'T UNDERSTAND POLICY: Here is a rather garbled version of the old "Republicans are dumb" classic from David Brooks' sun-chapped lover, John Thune, talking about Bob Corker: "I think he’s a guy who’s willing...

Senator Bob Corker’s Hot Daughter Carjacked In Cesspool DC

The world's most crime-ridden capitol city, dirty old rat-filth Washington DC, won another hospitality award last night when the 22-year-old daughter of Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) got carjacked and thrown to the street by a couple of thugs. She's...

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