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Whoa, Vladimir Putin! We already know he’s a manly man who can tame wild animals and annex any country’s territory at the drop of a hat, unlike our own president, Kunta Kenya, who wears mom jeans and eats his hamburgers with some kind of fancy mustard like a homo or a Frenchman (but we repeat […]

Coming off a very sparkly appearance at Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards last weekend (that’s the one where they commemorate all their teevee stars who are now teen mothers and/or using heroin, and then Justin Bieber dumps lime green human waste on everyone, we think!) our FLOTUS is working it for the spotlight this month. Her […]

FINANCIAL JOURNALISM  5:22 pm May 17, 2010

by Jim Newell

IT’S JUST A LAME DOG, COME ON: Barack Obama and Joe Biden released financial disclosure forms today (“rich” and “comfortably upper middle class,” respectively), and the blogs have been combing through them to find unusual or deceptive accounting cutesy things to post in under 100 words. This investigative work has produced the following find: Bo […]

While you were being gnawed to death by Ice Rats, the White House socialist Bo Obama Kennedy was just fooling around in the snow. Next week he’ll be on the cover of The Sports Illustrated with his snowy ass in the air as if he just did not care. Also, things he found under the […]

“A White House press official was certain—the scoop on the poop was a crock. The press office checked with the Air Force One flight crew who said Bo had not desecrated the jet. Other big news beckoned: the health-care overhaul, rising unemployment and a debate over the war in Afghanistan. But we were nagged by […]

Everyone was very unkind to Bo Obama the dog, who celebrated his first birthday ever on October 9th. So Bo Obama was born last October, and then in April Ted Kennedy, not yet dead, bought the dog from a rescue shelter that was actually a reputable dog breeder and just gave him to Barack Obama. […]

Rush Limbaugh, grr! The other day he brought up on his radio show the oft-cited observation that your dog’s penicillin costs 25 cents while your own penicillin costs 25 dollars, which sucks for you, or something to that effect, and blah blah blah free markets and healthcare. WHATEVER. The point is his girlfriend has a […]

Our new president has some pretty messed up priorities, hoo boy! Did you notice that during his first 100 days in office he ended the recession and shook hands with tin-pot dictators and even got himself a fancy purebred dog, but did not have the time or the inclination to designate, say, a NASA administrator? […]

HELLHOUNDS  10:49 am April 24, 2009

by Sara K. Smith

ZOMBIE CUR TERRORIZES WHITE HOUSE: Oh yes speaking of Michelle Obama and her adorable talk with the cute childrens yesterday: “the president and his wife lie awake at night as they listen to the febrile skritching of a maniacal hell-hound chasing a ball up and down the hall, forever and ever, much like those creepy […]

Have you every wondered how the Obama family manages to look so consistently classy and awesome while the rest of America farts around in terry cloth sweat pants, chewing on their hangnails and just resenting the hell out of anyone who’s fancy enough to shower twice a week? The Obamas owe their squeaky clean and […]

Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy Look, it’s the mangy half-breed street cur Ted Kennedy dropped on the Obamas’ doorstep the other night. He has been wormed. The Obama family showed him to the press yesterday to prove that they haven’t eated him, yet. [MSNBC]