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[Delta] House Teabaggers Plan Gingrich-Worthy Stupid And Futile Gesture

A guest post from your comrade Fakakta South. Remember when you were a kid playing a board game, maybe Checkers or “Life” if you were kinda dumb, or chess maybe if you were a nerd, and there was that one kid who, if he got way behind and saw he couldn’t win, would throw a tantrum and just toss the board up in the air and scatter all the pieces and say “this game is stupid anyway”? Hopefully that kid is now in prison after the police finally found out where all those missing hookers wound up, tossed up into his crawlspace. But sadly, not all of our budding sociopathics wind up as serial killers or senators’ sons harassing waitresses on airplanes. Some of them become tea-bagging members of Congress and now, because of them, the historically terrible House Speaker John Boehner has to meet with his “leadership team” today. It has, by unchallenged House Speaker electoring, fallen to the Great Drunken Crying Orange to figure out how to deal with these people, and with mastermind precision, the man who was much more adept at delivering checks to his friends on the house floor, must somehow appear understanding of how good defaulting on already incurred debt would feel, while simultaneously explaining just how wretchedly, apocalyptically bad actual default would be. So! What to do in tragicomically serious times like these? Of course – shut it down like a fake rape pregnancy. Read more on [Delta] House Teabaggers Plan Gingrich-Worthy Stupid And Futile Gesture…