HOORAY!  11:09 pm December 10, 2009

by Ken Layne

Longtime Wonkette guest editor, contributor and columnist “Princess Sparkle Pony” retired the political comedy blog of the same name, because ugh, politics is so awful. But the artist formerly known as PSP is back with a fun blog, about fun, so go bookmark it, and have some fun for once. [Peteykins' Junk Drawer]

LET'S ROLL  7:05 pm November 19, 2009

by Ken Layne

OH HELL YEAH DO THIS THING: It’s the last day of something or other with the Warblog Awards! Details here, from warblog Commenter Gen. Chascates. Thank you, everyone, for your many patriotic votes! [2009 Weblog Awards and these categories too, also]

So guess what: the blogs are up in arms—or wings, for the Twitter ones??—over this latest suggestion that the blog people wear pajamas. This happens every now and again: Some politician—or anonymous Obama aide, in this case—says something that implies that pajamas have anything at all to do with the Internet. It is always extremely […]

Since the early 1960s, there has been an annual rumor about the teevee program The Real World doing a season in Washington, which is a city known as the capital of America. And this year, FINALLY, the important MTV grunge “camgirl” show is really for real being videotaped right here in DC. But not everyone […]

The Internet has hurt the important feelings of the important “Joe Lieberman Liberal” New Republic political pamphlet’s important legal scholar Jeffrey Rosen, whose very important 1,000+ word front-page non-blog journalistically reported “The Case Against Sotomayor”-titled news article — which quotes various important anonymous ex-clerks calling Sotomayor dumb and mean and friendless and annoying — has […]

What is this, the famous journal of conservative thought (now begging you to subscribe for HALF OFF!) is calling on Brave Norm Coleman to actually give up fighting this election he lost to an actual teevee clown? In one of the typical remedial-blog-posting bits which make “The Corner” required reading in, we don’t know, maybe […]

Senatorial daughter and children’s propaganda author Meghan McCain still appears to be getting paychecks from The Daily Beast for her random thoughts about her dad’s campaign, which most Americans have already forgotten. In today’s blog article, Meghan chimes in on the recent chatter about Republicans trying to carve out their own Internets — be it […]

THE GIFT OF GIVING  4:08 pm January 7, 2009

by Jim Newell

LOOKING FOR A FEW BRAVE VOLUNTEERS: Hey so TPM is a pretty good blog, right? Josh Marshall and shit? Well they have a slight lead for second place over some blog we’ve never heard of called “The Confluence,” and we think good ol’ TPM deserves a little padding for that silver medal. So if you […]

A delightfully insane person has e-mailed us and approximately 400 other tip or info lines asking politely if he can be Senator from New York. He wants to take over for two years until Chelsea Clinton is 30 and can rightfully claim her seat. You must read (skim) his full blog post about this. “Oh- […]

Okay listen up, Joe Biden and Sarah Palin and everybody else: Andrew Sullivan is sick and tired of having to demand your medical records, and especially how you people don’t even answer him, as he is just some blogger and not currently the Boss of You. “I have repeatedly demanded Joe Biden’s medical records be […]

Did anyone else know that Howard Wolfson has a blog on The New Republic now? No, not his elitist indie rock one, but an actual politics blog that is comically titled “The Flack,” where he mostly answers arbitrary questions about Hillary Clinton. And he says that Clinton will not start a “cat fight” with Palin. […]

Michael Goldfarb is starting a war, on the Internet! Do you know who Michael Goldfarb is? He’s this cocksucker who recently took a leave of absence from Bill Kristol’s Weekly Standard, where he was online editor, in order to serve on the McCain communications team. He writes a blog on called the McCain Report. […]

DEPT. OF YOUR BLOG SUCKS  9:50 am August 20, 2008

by Jim Newell

NOW WHAT: Ooh looky, the word “Wonkette” was used once in one article in today’s liberal New York Times: “Stranger still, the birth of Cute Overload was almost purely accidental. Meg Frost, a 36-year-old design manager at Apple, started three years ago to test Web software. Within months, it became an online institution, drawing […]

So David Brooks wrote an annoying little column today about this: “McCain started out with the same sort of kibitzing campaign style that he used to woo the press back in 2000. It didn’t work. This time there were too many cameras around and too many 25-year-old reporters and producers seizing on every odd comment […]

You know how Barack Obama’s people have the whole “Fight the Smears” thing, where you copy and paste some text that says, “I’m very disappointed in you, Barack Obama does not worship the Shark God even though he is from Hawaii” and you spam it all over the place? Well, about FOUR MILLION YEARS after […]