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Look What You Made Taylor Swift Do!

Maybe Taylor just needs to shake it off?
You can tell he's being silly because his appleheaded vagina mouth is in the "giggle" position.

Correction: Donald Trump Did NOT Threaten To Deport All Muslims To The Moon

Hello, all Wonkette's favorite liberal blogs, what are you up to? Playing a game of telephone with each other, like Ben Carson telling himself his life story? Cool. Let's watch a media frenzy unfold, but let's do it backward,...
Yes America is that dumb

Yr Wonket Beated Up A Idiot Today And It Was Great, Also Too

You mad, bro? You must be mad because you are like GAHHHHH and ARGHHHHHH and angry comments (which we do not allow) and angry tweets (which we mute) and angry MyFacePlace words (which we ignore) and OMG we even made the spitting rage...

Arizona Schools Chief Super Busy Penning Anonymous Blog Comments About Poor People, Lazy Pigs (Same Thing)

Well here's a variation on a theme: A Republican official has been caught posting rude crap to the internet, but for a change, it's not pictures of watermelons in front of the White House. Which is a step up,...

Wingnut Blogger Sad Lee Stranahan Will Teach Us How To Blog About Politics And Maybe How To Love

You guys, we’re pretty terrible political bloggers. No, it’s true! People tell us this all the time. Sure, those people are often bloviating jackholes who don’t have the brains that evolution gave a gopher, but still it wounds us....

A Children’s Treasury of Teabagger E-mails Against ‘Baby’s Snatching’

Oh no, this whole Brian Doherty thing is just getting sad. Almost immediately after your afternoon editor took him down yesterday, Doherty went back on his blog and attempted a rejoinder. The crux of his new argument is that,...

It Will Probably Be Fall Before BP Can Spill Oil On Fall Foliage

RedState can't get over Chris Christie's no baloney governin' style, especially his completely serious threat to "punch" the Teacher's Union. What a man hunk ... we hear gay wedding bells! Who has time to blog as much as Matt...

Mark Penn Declares Blogging Latest Microtrend (UPDATE: Mark Penn Unsure If Blogging Is Latest Microtrend)

Failed campaign strategist/pollster/tyrant Mark Penn writes in his always forward-thinking Microtrends column today: "Paid bloggers fit just about every definition of a microtrend." Hooray! We're eating steaks tonight! And then maybe some dancing, MMHMM? Tell us more: "In America...

The Most Important Event For Bloggers Everywhere

Here is why we missed Ted Kennedy: after entering the Pepsi Center, it takes eight or nine hours to figure out where you are supposed to park your ass and start typing. Also, we were getting chicken fingers. How...

John McCain Hates ‘The Bloggers’

Here is John McCain lamenting the Information Age in typical hilarious old-man fashion. First there are "the cables," and then talk radio, and of course bloggers, whom he hates. Finally, something we can all agree on.

Sentimental Hygiene

NWA Court Is In Full Effect

Metro Section: Falling Apart

Metro Section: Mouths Wide Shut