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Black person from Harlem Bill Clinton is headin’ to Arkansas, for some sort of pagan harvest dance in celebration of Blanche Lincoln losing her virginity or something: Former President Bill Clinton, who strongly supported Senator Blanche Lincoln in her primary battle this year, is heading back to Arkansas next week to stump for her. Mr. […]

In England, the noble class rules by absolute whim, protected by the superstitious belief that, if an ordinary man or woman looks anyone who owns more than £5 worth of land directly in the eyes, that person will burst into flame, punished by a Tory God for his or her impertinence. Therefore “Lamar McKay,” the […]

Are those labor union bosses feeling any buyer’s remorse for “flushing $10 million” against Blanche Lincoln, who won anyway? The Politico quotes AFSCME leader Gerald McEntee sounding exactly like this vulgar, beloved AFSCME commercial’s narrator, which means …. the unions are really pissed at Bill Clinton.

Is it already night-time in the Arkansas-Iowa-Utah portion of Real America? Yes! And thanks to Wonkette veteran Princess Sparkle Pony for posting this blingee he made for Blanche Lincoln, who is now LOSING, with 60% of the vote counted. She’s only got 49%, and that’s apparently “less than 50%” and that means let’s start the […]

What is happening tonight?! As usual, nobody knows anything because the polls have just closed on the East Coast and we are many hours away from polls closing on the West Coast and who knows what’s happening in Arkansas? (We actually know! Polls have closed, and few were even open, the better to beat Blanche […]

Who is Blanche Lincoln? That’s the question the editors of the U.S. News & World Report website are asking on this post-MTV awards day, and we can’t help wonder, too: Who is Blanche Lincoln? Who is she, and what does she want from us? And by “us,” do we mean “banking executives” or “maybe people […]

As a stunned America begins to prepare itself for an Arlen Specter-free future, we all must ask ourselves: What killed Arlen Specter? Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell knows! “‘The rain killed Arlen,’ Mr. Rendell said dejectedly. ‘Whatever chance he had went down with the rain.’” It is a well-known fact that old people shouldn’t go out […]

MIDNIGHT MASSACRE  11:13 pm May 18, 2010

by Ken Layne

BLANCHE LINCOLN MUST SUFFER HUMILIATING RUNOFF: With 43% of the precincts reporting, it seems Senator Blanche Lincoln will continue having difficulty voting, as she will have to do a run-off against Lieutenant Governor Bill Halter, because right now it’s Lincoln 44%-Halter 42%. But she is expected to win the runoff, and maybe win her seat […]

It is a big day for Sen. Blanche Lincoln, who will soon learn whether she’ll win the Democratic nomination tonight or in a run-off some weeks down the road. Her job as candidate today was fairly straight forward: go to the polling place in Arkansas and vote for herself. She screwed this up, sadly.

WE MEAN ARKANSAS!  1:23 pm May 13, 2010

by Jim Newell

THESE DEMOCRATS ARE SLICK! So the only reason that Blanche Lincoln’s very strong (some/all would say strong to the point of making the situation worse!) derivatives language is still in the financial regulatory bill is to trick lefties into voting for her in next Tuesday’s primary, after which they’ll just take it out. Savvy! On […]

A massive Battle for the Ages is quickly developing in the Arkansas democratic primary for Senate, where Serious Centrist Blanche Lincoln now has a legitimate primary challenger in Lt. Gov. Bill Halter. Halter is getting billions, if not millions, from the so-called Internet communists The Netroots, who hate ladies.

Check out this crusty old bit of sex-on-wheels, sent from a Wonkette Arkansas operative: “Here is a photo, from today, of Arkansas State Senator Kim Hendren’s car parked in his reserved slot at the state capitol. He is the front runner in the Republican primary to challenge Blanche Lincoln. He’s the one who called Chuck […]

Democratic Sens. Blanche Lincoln and Mary Landrieu finally called their own bluff and announced at the last minute that they would, controversially, vote to allow the Senate to debate a piece of legislation it has spent most of this year crafting, to help provide affordable medical care to people. What heroes. Their procedural votes for […]

A new poll from Zogby (grain of salt!) shows Arkansas Democratic Sen. Blanche Lincoln slightly ahead of her possible 2010 opponents for the moment, but when people are asked how they would vote if Blanche Lincoln voted for health care reform, she is losing by double digits. Televised pundits and such will see this and […]

In an effort to reduce its carbon footprint, the REPUBLICAN NATIONAL COMMITTEE has pledged to recycle smear campaigns and political spin! Yes, MICHAEL STEELE has finally done it! He’s bringing back all your favorites: “flip-flopper” … WILLIE HORTON … “cut and run” … “Why did the Democrats flip-flop and let Willie Horton cut and run?” […]