With Blackwater back in the news, Yr Wonkette is pleased to bring you this review of a book written by Blackwater founder Erik Prince. This post is made possible by a generous grant from the Edward Bernays Foundation for Accuracy in Memoirs and War Reportage.  The book Civilian Warriors is Blackwater founder Erik Prince’s Song of […]

The mercenaries of Blackwater are truly the gift that keeps on giving. Why, they couldn’t stop giving bullets to a bunch of poor Iraqi civilians back in 2007, to mention just one of many, many, many incidents, and a few of them are finally standing trial for it. Now some State Department documents related to the […]

We haven’t thought about Blackwater in awhile, probably because they changed their name to Xe, which sounded like some sort of Scientology thing. That only lasted a couple years, and now they’re Academi, which just makes it look like they can’t spell. Anyway, we’re thinking about BlackXeMi today, because those guards that murdered a fuckton […]

Every single day of the last miserable decade, the U.S. Military has pissed away more than $16 million in fraudulent contracts in Afghanistan and Iraq. That’s $60 billion thrown away on wasteful handouts to Pentagon contractors during the wonderful War On Terror — $60 billion thrown away without even killing random goat farmers who committed […]

Fundamentalist fringe-right creep John Ashcroft is now working for fringe-right private death squad contractor Blackwater (since renamed to try to make people forget it’s called Blackwater). Hooray for corruption, crony capitalism, disastrous wingnuttery and U.S. death squads: Ashcroft’s arrival at Xe is yet another clear signal it’s not giving up the quest for lucrative government […]

The Justice Department just indicted five evil southern scum-lords who used to run Blackwater, the private murder company hired by Dick Cheney to kill everyone in Iraq. The charges? Weapons violations, something about illegal machine guns, lies to the Feds, general criminality. No murder charges, because it’s always the little shit that brings down these […]

ALAN GRAYSON SURE IS NUTTY!  3:22 pm February 24, 2010

by Jim Newell

BLACKWATER SAVES ALAN GRAYSON FROM EVIL LAND: Last week, beloved rich smartass liberal Rep. Alan Grayson was chillin’ in Niger when, oh shit, a military coup went down and he almost got shot and killed. Thankfully a Blackwater or “Xe” subsidiary’s jet was there to fly him to safety. Can you spin this one yourself? […]

Once upon a time there was a cabal of psychotic rapey naked jackasses who liked to “gallivant around nearly nude” in Afghanistan and Iraq when they weren’t busy scaring the shit out of local residents and occasionally murdering them. This cabal was called “Blackwater,” and it was quite a scandal, all the rapey psychotic murderous […]

PIG MONSTERS  1:13 pm March 10, 2009

Mark Penn Still a Scumbag

by Ken Layne

Repulsive swamp cow Mark Penn has so many personal microtrends that they all add up into one megatrend, which is “Mark Penn will take money from anybody, including Satan.” Here is Rachel Maddow responding to Penn’s latest bullshit about his latest scandal — claiming his PR firm hasn’t done work for Blackwater murder gangs. [Gawker]

Sam “Who? Oh right” Brownback will quit his job as Senator of Kansas so he can be Governor of Kansas. [CNN Political Ticker] Obama’s entire dumb listserv hates him for begging them to buy Hope paraphernalia, and the families of everyone on Obama’s dumb listserv hates him for indirectly being responsible for their receiving of […]

HILLARY CLINTON  9:05 am December 24, 2007

Vagina Monologues

by Greg Wasserstorm

IRAQ  3:20 pm December 18, 2007

Blackwater Murders the NYT’s Dog!

by Jim Newell

BLACKWATER  5:26 pm November 20, 2007

Buzzed, Cooked and Done!

by John Clarke Jr.