Average guy Mitt Romney and his wife Egg went on the CBS This Morning teevee Showcase of Disgrace to talk about why he lost so badly in the last “America’s Next Top Figurehead” contest. Oddly, he said a thing that is arguably true: “The place that my campaign and I fell short was probably in […]

Thomas Lopez-Pierre, who is running for the New York City Council, has done wrote a doozy of a letter about how he loves boning Jewesses (he doesn’t say so, but it is totally because we got boobs), and once tried to slash the throats of some other black kids (with a broken bottle!) who were […]

Do you yearn for a time when the day after Christmas was all about throwing your useless wrapping paper into the man-made canal behind your house, instead of marking the beginning of the white, leftist holiday of Kwanzaa with a ceremonial dangling of the American flag inches above a lit Kinara? Wisconsin State Senator Glenn […]

The proper response to the WND story “Blacks Should Be More Like Jews,” by Aliza Davidovit, is “uhhhhh.” It starts with a roll call of successful people of Jewishness, and then explains that they did it by getting up earlier and working harder than everyone else, not by being on food stamps and welfare like […]

Hey Winfield, Alabama, why you so mad at this pastor, Rev. William Collier, who just wants to hold whites-only conference for whites-only pastors, because of religious liberty, and because he doesn’t have the “facilities” to accomodate other races? (Quick: what “facilities” might he need? Slave quarters? A jail cell? A chicken deep-fryer? A kosher kitchen? […]

Mark A. Traina, a school psychologist in Louisiana’s Jefferson Parish, totally loves his job segregating black children in the parish’s “alternative schools.” (This is where bad children and smokers go.) But now the stupid Southern Poverty Law Center is suing his school district for racial discrimination, and he is Exhibit A just because he twitzed […]

There is a thing called American Renaissance, and it is not very nice. And there is a man named Robert Weissberg who liked to go to their meetings and discuss “how Jews feel about the schwarzes” and “the future of white nationalism” and who wrote for National Review until … oh, right about last night, […]

Racist Republicans in Tennessee have their first success with the new “Voter ID” requirement: A 96-year-old black lady who has voted in all but one election (in 1960) that she was legally eligible to vote in has been denied the right to take part in democracy. Why? Oh, just some piece of missing paperwork. That’s […]

How’s the recession treating everybody? If you’re a minority, the answer is “worse than it’s treating the white people.” While America’s whites are also unemployed and obese/starving and abandoned by the rich/Congress, it’s been even lousier for the blacks and browns and other such people who have an automatic disadvantage in this country due to […]

Here’s an important news update for all the Alan Keyes and Clarence Thomas types who for some reason believe that acting like super-crazy white wingnut Republicans will magically win over white racists: Doesn’t work, never has, never will. White racists despise black people no matter what — and you’ll find the most unrepentant white racists […]

Fox News is a place where you get promoted and given more air time for saying hateful stuff, so it’s not surprising that NPR would fire Juan Williams for doing this on that channel or, say, a black employee would sue the company for people doing this around him. That latter thing has also happened, […]

Virginia Beach Republican Party Chairman David Bartholomew has resigned after sending out a hilarious racist e-mail about taking a dog to get welfare benefits. We probably should have warned you before posting that sentence, as some of you probably fainted from the sheer surprise at reading such a thing. A Republican official sent out a […]

It turns out that America’s News Network, Fox News, is not really watched at all by black people, which explains why they are so misinformed that they support this Obama fellow. This “finding” is according to some sort of math or science stuff, however, so it is probably a lie (and also Jesus has provided […]

Hard to find even the Gallows Humor in this story, so maybe we won’t even try. Maybe it’s time to admit that large chunks of America are in the hands of unreconstructed racists and vulgar idiots, and that the popular election of a black man as president just might’ve pushed these furious, economically doomed old […]

That Barack Obama, so articulate and clean and Harvard-y …. yet, did you know he was of African descent? This sort of slipped by during that whole two-year presidential campaign, but “OWN THE IDIOT CABLE-NEWS CYCLE” webzine The Politico has some “fresh” gossip and it goes a little bit like this: The Black People, in […]