black panthers

Once a year the Federalist Society has a dinner in Washington DC. It is a dinner for lawyers. This year they promised an appearance by Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. I wondered what he might have to say as their featured guest; I had seen him a few times while he was at work and he did not […]

Welcome to Wonkette. Whether you’re just joining us or are a long-time fan, you’re probably noticing that we have to cover gun violence and general gun stupidity ALL THE TIME NOW. So that’s fun. Actually, that is not fun. It is skull-crushingly depressing. We explained this to our Editrix and she agreed, noting that it […]

Whew! Tucker Carlson’s Daily Callgirl couldn’t quite figure out how to blame Barack Obama for Trayvon Martin’s death, but thankfully star “reporter” Matthew Boyle came up with the next best thing: President Barack Obama only commented on the death of a young man shot by a guy muttering “fucking coons” because the Black Panthers told […]

For years, ACORN and the New Black Panthers have stood outside polling stations to intimidate US. Why would a good (white) citizen even try to go into such a place? Obviously, they would be murdered on the spot. And yes, although democracy is worth dying for, it’s not worth dying and MISSING A WHOLE SEASON […]

Mediaite has an interview up today with Chairman of the New Black Panther Party Malik Zulu Shabazz. It appears to be conducted in a Quiznos, the center of New Black Panther power. The big news regarding this very, very important political group is the “reverse-racist” dropped charges of two (it has more than one?) of […]

Because of this video of these two guys standing in their silly Halloween costumes in 2008 outside a polling station, they were prosecuted for voter intimidation. BLACK PANTHERS! DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNN. Yet now that black man Eric Holder (who is A BLACK MAN) is Attorney General, black people can get away with such things, as […]

Once again, the Black Panthers have used their Beltway connections to evade the rule of law. How many books did Bobby Seale ghost write for you, Barack Obama? [RedState] Rahm Emanuel is selling ambassadorships and titles of nobility, at bargain-bin prices! A thoughtful gift for any occasion — birthdays, weddings, abortions, you name it! [Andrew […]

Beloved teevee channel Fox News is focused as shit today on race-baiting, terrorism, and pissing off left-wing blogs. It is a marvel. So we’ve compiled some of the morning’s most comical highlights here for your viewing pleasure. The best one is above, in which lobotomized Fox & Friends clown Steve Doocy sees some random black […]