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Tag: black jesus

Wingnuts raised hell in 1968 about this Black Jesus, too.

‘Black Jesus’ About As Popular With Pharisees As The Original

Hey, did you kidz watch that new show Thursday night, "Black Jesus," on the Adult Swim Cartoons For Stoned Grownups Teevee Channel? We did not, because we are traveling and without TiVo, and we haven't watched television in...

Nebraska Sen. Goes On Amazing Hours-Long Filibuster, Calls Out Fellow Pols’ Crimes By Name, With Wrath Of God And Black Jesus

kotanow.com, KDUH, Scottsbluff, News, Weather and Sports First of all, there is a black legislator from Nebraska. Second of all, he spent yesterday going Wrath of God on his fellow leggies, whether Dem or Republican, and specifically called them out...

EXCLUSIVE Barack Obama Hawaiian Beach Photo (With Phallic Thing)

All those press pool photographers from the Big Media didn't exactly bring home any tremendous Barack Obama beach pictures from Hawaii. But Wonkette is proud to announce THE MOST AWESOME SHIRTLESS OBAMA photo in the history of politics, plus...