birth control

Okay, so, birth control. It’s this, like, medication-type thing, right? Like Advil for your aches and pains. Or aspirin so you don’t stroke out or have a heart attack. Or Flintstones vitamins so you grow up big and strong enough to turn a dinosaur into a car. Or Viagra so when you and your bros […]

You probably remember Sandra Fluke. She’s the nice young lady who testified to Congress about how birth control is sometimes used by people to regulate their polycystic ovary syndrome or whatever, and so Rush Limbaugh went fucking nuts, calling her a slut (for a week) and saying if he was going to pay for her […]

A couple weeks back, Buzzfeed posted photos of its employees explaining why they used birth control. It’s a lot of the old, tired “I deserve a say in what happens to my body and my life,” and “I take birth control for my endometriosis” blah-blah-blah we’ve come to expect from the man-hatin’ pro-abortion left. Well, the […]

Are you one of those people that keeps contemplating moving to Canada every time something awful in America happens, like George W. Bush being president, the Hobby Lobby decision, or the inexplicable continued popularity of The Bachelor? Us too! Lately, we’ve been living in a near constant state of rage and despair over the fact […]

I’m probably not supposed to say this. I should be a Good Democrat and a Good Feminist and take the latest symbolic crumbs Senate Democrats are offering and say, “Thank you, sir.” (They are mostly sir, of course, which is part of ALL the problems, but let’s not even get into that right now.) In […]

Dear my new gynecologist who is THE BEST, I never thought this could happen to me. I never thought I’d be one of those women who so enjoyed her strip-and-spread-’em annual exam that I’d actually feel sad about waiting a whole year to see you again. I’ve been hurt before, you see. My last gynecologist […]

Usually, it is the legislative and/or executive branches that do a late-afternoon pre-holiday weekend news dump, hoping to hide something especially egregious in plain sight, thinking you’ll be too busy to notice because you’re picking up two cases of Bud Light Lime and an absolute fuck-ton of M-80s to take to the cabin. This year, however, […]

We usually ignore Jonah Goldberg because sweet merciful Yehuda, life is just too short. But his column today on the Hobby Lobby decision is such a precious pile of stupid, we could not let it pass without comment. Also, if we have to think about Jonah Goldberg’s penchant for cosplay as a Game of Thrones […]

Were you thinking that Monday’s Supreme Court rulings represented the nadir of awfulness for this Court term and maybe also too your natural life, law-wise, but at least you could rest easy until October when the Court would start fucking up your life again? Haha when will you ever learn? In theory, the Hobby Lobby […]

It is so stupid, to not be born a man. It is the dumbest thing a person could possibly do, yet fully 51% of the population has committed this sin! We are so grossed out by this, and we are so delighted by today’s Supreme Court decision. Haha, this is a joke, we hate this […]

If you want to spend your morning rage-reading the Supreme Court’s decision in Burwell, Secretary of Health and Human Services, et al. v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc., et al., aka, Actual Science Stuff v. People Who Think Your Birth Control Makes Jesus Cry, you may want to reconsider, because it will make you want to […]

Today’s SCOTUS decision on birth control has us feeling creative! In addition to writing a fantastic one-act play called “The Taming Of The Slut,” we’ve compiled a list of ten Hobby Lobby products that sound like birth control or abortifacients (these are two different things, but not according to the douchedudes on the Supreme Court!) but […]

We’re all still reeling over the awful Hobby Lobby decision today, but thank heavens, some of our great thinkers have already weighed in. For instance, Rick Santorum is positively frothy over the decision, even to the point of losing his prepositions: SCOTUS restored a vital piece our Constitution today [sic]. It’s a great day for […]

Isn’t it fun when you can discover a new wingnut, a little hidden gem? They’re like an inexpensive pinot noir that’s a wee bit better than serviceable, so you just have to share them with your friends. Let’s meet Joy Pinto, who opened her gaping hate-maw yesterday at the opening day of the National Right […]

It’s always kind of exciting to see a rising star in the rightwing mediasphere, and we’re definitely going to have to keep an eye on young Steven Anderson of the Faithful Word Baptist Church in Phoenix, the charmer who has prayed for the death of Barack Obama, and more recently got our attention for his […]