Monsanto, that sickening institution behind Agent Orange and strawberries made out of fish and sugar made out of Axe Body Spray,* has claimed and will probably claim until the end of time that you don’t really need to know that your “all-natural” cereal is actually created in a lab. DON’T YOU LIKE IT? Don’t you […]

One of the great pleasures of last year’s campaign season was seeing the consulting firm of Mark Penn, history’s greatest monster, end up millions of dollars in the hole for all the great work they did on behalf of losing candidate Hillary Clinton. How was Penn going to afford his lavish subterranean cave and the […]

YOU MEAN WE CAN JUST... PRINT MORE?  6:49 pm January 28, 2009

by Jim Newell

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$: The House passed The Stimulus Package at a final cost of… $819 billion. Hooray for Obama Money! Time for every American to buy a mansion! Oh right, it still has to go through the Senate. Well hurry up you rich bastard Senators! FIX POTHOLE PLZ. [AP]