bill press

Aging dirty hippie Al Gore called into the new Bill Press show “Full Court Press” (get it?) on Current TV to point and laugh at all the stupid GOP candidates, and to say their debates are astonishingly shallow, and to aver that surely even the majority of Republicans are embarrassed by these Little Torquemadas who […]

Old liberal person Bill Press yesterday asked Robert Gibbs about “CNN’s” Erick Erickson, who would love to threaten census workers with guns. This gave Robert Gibbs an opportunity to rip the dickens out of Erick Erickson and wingnuts, and since CNN MUST NEVER APPEAR too far to either side of the debate, they have now […]

Why is the Birther hullabaloo, which has been around for over a year, suddenly escalating? Is this Lou Dobbs’ doing? No, just that people are becoming more insane, somehow, and we must all serve witness. So here’s Bill Press — remember him? Liberal? Had a teevee show or something? — asking Robert Gibbs if he […]