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Andrea Tantaros is not the liar, YOU ARE THE LIAR.

If Trump really 'softens his stance' on immigration, why, Ann might cancel her book tour and go home to cry!

Bill O'Reilly's in there too. AND former Sen. Scott Brown. AND Dean Cain. AND AND AND AND AND!

Donald Trump has a plan to stop crime, and it all depends on One Tough Cop. Wish Trump had gotten his name.

You get in here and read your news brief, RIGHT NOW!

Smear Merchants is our new Wonkette house band name, we are calling it now.

Also, they were helped by some white dudes who did get paid.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both chatted with international terrorism expert Bill O'Reilly after Thursday's terrorist attack in France. One of them actually knows something about fighting terrorism.

Donald Trump is well equipped to empathize with black Americans, because he too has experienced discrimination from establishment Republicans.

Apparently this proves that Obama loves Islam too much to criticize terrorism.

Carlson shockingly alleges in a lawsuit that Fox News is a really sexist, bad place for women. Who knew???

Why won't the liberal media validate Bill O'Reilly's racism?

Bill O'Reilly, who maybe beat his wife, has thoughts on how transgenders in bathrooms are 'inappropriate.'

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