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On Thursday, Sean Hannity took a few minutes to yell loaded questions at Yousef Munayyer, executive director of The Jerusalem Fund and Palestine Center in Washington, who kept obstinately trying to present his own opinion about Israel’s actions in Gaza instead of agreeing with Hannity that Israel is right in everything that it does. Munayyer […]

Insufferable smugbunny Jesse Watters, who does innovative comedy clips involving record-scratch sound effects for The O’Reilly Factor, scored some major ha-has at the 2014 National Organization for Women (NOW) conference in Albuquerque before he was booted by security for not having a press pass. Get this: he offended one lady by calling her a “gal!” […]

We’re not sure how we feel about the fact that Fox News had not one, but two, segments yesterday in which their hosts excoriated some of the derpier parts of the right wing. On the one hand, hahahahaha. On the other hand, agreeing with Fox News about things makes us feel icky. Not icky enough […]

You guys, Fox News thinks that President Roosevelt screwed the pooch again. After yesterday’s amphibious landings in Normandy, the network grudgingly agreed that Allied troops had established a beachhead in France, but they were really not happy with how Our Boys pulled it off, insisting that the casualties were unacceptably high, speculating that “Two-Wheeler Delano” […]

Stephen Colbert is torn, poor fellow. On the one hand, he says, he is “America’s most prominent Catholic.” Then again, he is also “America’s foremost capitalist. I love the invisible hand of the market so much I let it get to third base.” Ah, but there’s the conflict. That darn Pope Francis guy wants to […]

Did you know about this super-grifty dude who was head of the Los Angeles branch of the NAACP? He is gone now, probably because of how he was big pals with Donald Sterling. Also because grifty. Bill O’Reilly is obsessed with Beyonce. Who isn’t, really? Atari buried a bazillion copies of E.T. and other video […]

We’re not really surprised to hear that some people have a sad about Dr. Seuss, what with the hippie tree loving manifesto that is The Lorax and the anti-arms race message of The Butter Battle Book. And let’s not forget how mean Seuss was to poor old Tricky Dick. We didn’t really figure that Hop […]

You have to give Jon Stewart credit for honesty: he admits that he loves watching Bill O’Reilly fume at the allegedly pernicious influence wielded by BeyoncĂ©, because “there is very little in this world that I like better than an upset Bill O’Reilly.” And really, can’t that be said of any of us? A mean […]

The other night, Bill O’Reilly got mad at hippies and the “grievance industry” — America’s supposed cultural/political movement that encourages everyone who isn’t Bill O’Reilly to think they’re a victim of racism or sexism. O’Reilly also had some grievances of his own, especially after being victimized by this Stephen Colbert fellow, whose ratings are nowhere […]

CBS has announced that Stephen Colbert will replace David Letterman on “The Late Show,” leaving one really important question unanswered: if Stephen Colbert becomes David Letterman, who then will be Stephen Colbert? Never fear. We’ve compiled an incisive and trenchant and helpful list of 13 People Who Should Be Your New Stephen Colbert. We were […]

We tried SO HARD to listen to all seven minutes of Bill O’Reilly whinesplaining about how hippies are taking over everything, but it is really difficult you guys. We were going to pass the pain on to you and embed that sucker here, but it looks like you pay monies to Fox to make that […]

Bill O’Reilly sat down with WaPo Witchay Woman Sally Quinn to discuss Bill O’Reilly as the avatar of Christian meekness and humility. Among other insights, he explained that he’s just a regular guy who believes in God and Jesus very conventionally, and he gives back to God by going to church once a week and […]

Welcome to another edition of Derp Roundup, the weekly feature where we bring you stories that didn’t quite merit a post of their own, but that were too stupid to ignore altogether. As always, you may want to fortify yourself with whatever you believe necessary to get through the experience — we suggest a couple […]

Looks like a memo from the Desk Of Murdoch made its way Thursday to the on-air meatpuppets at Fox News. On the March 20 edition of The Five, footage of the passengers’ anxious relatives inspired Andrea Tantaros to declare that the poor folks must feel exactly like the families of the Americans who died at […]

Watch out, because noted presidential scholar Bill “Falafel” O’Reilly has gazed upon Barack Obama and, hark unto his words, found him wanting, especially when compared to reputed Republican Abraham Lincoln, who never EVER would have cheapened his office by being fake interviewed by a portly Greek comedian. Yes, yes, “You didn’t build that” has officially […]