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Here at Wonkette, we are pretty solid on serious illness/end-of-life choices, which is to say you get to deal with those thing any damn way you please. For some people, like Lisa Adams, that has meant blogging and tweeting about her Stage IV breast cancer that spread to her bones, hips, joints, spine, lungs, and […]

Oh GOOD, Bill Keller, a millionaire who used to manage the typists at the New York Times, is here to fix the deficit for us by summarizing a report by the Third Way that itself is based on Congressional Budget Office statistics taken completely out of context. But it’s ok, because the Third Way is […]

Welcome to another edition of Burn Yer Queeran — our first since the beginning of Fashion Ramadan, when everybody is forbidden to wear white shoes until the imam proclaims it to be spring again. Today’s post is brought to you by the makers of Islam Rising halal baker’s yeast, now being advertised along roadways across […]

Nevermind, context is overrated, so feel free interpret this nonsense from New York Times executive editor Bill Keller in whichever way feels most comfortable: “Commenting on the keep-the-Times alive movement, Keller said: ‘Saving the New York Times now ranks with saving Darfur as a high-minded cause.’” Ha ha ha. Hmm! No. [Calderone]

NEW YORK TIMES  3:44 pm November 9, 2005

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