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Why doesn’t Los Angeles have a Mermaid Parade, with mayor’s kids Chiara and Dante de Blasio crowned by divine right our piscine leaders? Stupid Los Angeles. Fine, New York. Have your awesome “art parade” that’s had David Byrne and Harvey Keitel and Queen Latifah and Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson as fish kings and queens. […]

Whew! What a day it’s been! We’ve got singing mayors, sorry restaurants, and sexy boobs! Get into the magic, the beauty, the mayhem and the luscious madness of today’s Happy Nice Time People goodness. It’s piping hot, and at the end you get boobs! KFC said it was sorry to a little girl with facial […]

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti bet New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio that the L.A. Kings would win the 2014 Stanley Cup Final. And he was right! So Mayor Bill had to go on national teevee with America’s Prankster Husband, Jimmy Kimmel, and sing Randy Newman’s “I Love L.A.” in front of everybody. This […]

You might have noticed some news about the dedication of a┬ámuseum honoring an American history event, a little thing hardly worth mentioning called 9/11. Bamz, who wasn’t doing anything else today, so whatevs, roused himself to tour the museum, as did the Clintons, and Michael Bloomberg and Bill de Blasio and Rudy Giuliani (like Rudy […]

So Airbnb is all like, Hey city of New York, you should totally charge our hosts the same bed tax you would charge hotels, and then use that money for nice homeless stuff! And people are like “frownyface with mad eyes phurble argle murp!” And also, “sniff, those costs are just going to get passed […]

On Friday, we gave you some good old homosexxican nice time by telling you how Sam Adams had pulled out of the Boston St. Patrick’s Day parade over that parade’s refusal to allow gay veterans to march. Looks like Sam Adams was just the first to decide that gays’ beer consumption was starting to rival […]

Earlier this month, New York mayor Bill de Blasio said he was going to skip the drunkest parade ever, the NYC St. Patrick’s Day Parade, because that parade will let the gays be marchers as long as they don’t in any fashion say that they are gay, because ewwwww. Both Rudy Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg […]

On Monday’s The Daily Show, Jon Stewart welcomes notorious communist New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, who calmly and politely lays out his terrifying socialist agenda for the city: equal justice and opportunity, in the form of an end to stop-and-frisk and a tax on the rich to pay for universal preschool and expanded after-school […]

Happy Super Sportsball Sunday! Go read the Times’s one million pages of regular sports coverage AND thinkpieces about the Super Bowl! Or don’t. Go read about Chris Christie! Or just read what we wrote about Christie already. Definitely read the Dylan Farrow letter from yesterday and then promptly go fight with everyone on the internet […]

Hey did you hear that New York’s mayor, Bill de Blasio, ate pizza with knife and fork, like a total schmegeggie? Well, NYT supercolumnist Maureen Dowd apparently wandered away from her twitter feed last week and forgot to refresh it, as she has Thoughts about pizza, and Bill Clinton getting a hummer from Monica Lewinsky, […]

Today’s New York Times dives right in to making sure that conservatives hate it, and not just because it isn’t just wall-to-wall birf certificate yelling and hilarious cartoons about lynching the president and reviews of new Ted Nugent albums. The Times is glorifying the apostate gun writers, who are one step away from gun grabbers. […]

These were anxious days in the suite of rooms above Manhattan that Peggy Noonan called home. First there was the arctic blast of a snowstorm that swept into the city and shut down everything, the air so cold the gin froze right in the bottle the minute she carried it out of the Upper East […]

Many of you were probably too hung over on Wednesday to remember that it was the day Bill de Blasio was inaugurated as mayor of New York City. It was a wonderful and festive day, though perhaps tinged with fear at what the city’s future in the grip of this mad Communist dictator may be. […]

You’d think this low attention-span low-energy stretch of time between Christmas and New Years would not be the time to drop a big story, but you would be wrong, and that is why you are not the newspaper of record. Sorry not sorry. The New York Times dropped an enormous six-part Benghazi investigative piece yesterday […]

So we have all read the New York Times story about homelessness in New York, yes? And we have all cried for the smart, tough little girl named Dasani, who lives in a “520-square-foot room with her parents and seven siblings” in a most wretched shelter, where life is most wretched, and we have all […]