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Is Newt Gingrich getting a little jealous over Donald Trump loving Mike Pence more than him? MAYBE! Perhaps that is why, last night, he...

Pamela Geller, a lady who is solely famous for being a horrible bigot and going around whining about Muslim people existing, is totally gonna...

The ranks of Good Christians who refuse to serve gay people are expanding, as an Ohio baker has decided that God won't let her bake a BIRTHDAY cake for a lesbian -- who she looked up on Facebook before cancelling the order.

Rightwing blogs went crazy with stories of a 'gang rape' by 'Syrian refugees' that turned out to be mostly paranoid rumor. So when authorities clarified what happened, obviously that was part of the cover-up, too.

Rep. Steve King is just not ready for this kind of change.

Here come Walid Shoebat and Pastor Steven L. Anderson to kill your faith in humanity.

Gordon Klingenschmitt, elected official, has some lunatics for you. Enjoy!

Because shackling a child in a basement is fine, and letting trans people pee is just horrifying!

It's almost like they realize that there is no non-racist way to defend the Confederate flag!

Franklin Graham tells his followers they may have to 'take a bullet' for their transphobic beliefs.

Hey! Here is a big surprise! Phil Robertson is once again mad that people think he is a bigot just because he is obstinately...

Bigot folk, have the fruits and nuts been demanding that you hand over your plaid slipcovered couch, for them to pork on? Well you...

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