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Thanks a lot, media, for literally helping turn the world's greatest democracy over to a fucking tyrant.

Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton Trade ‘Jokes’ At Al Smith Dinner, Civilian Casualties Limited

Protip: A punchline should refrain from literally socking people in the nose.

Republicans Commemorate One Month Anniversary Of Orlando Shooting With Fun New Anti-Gay Bill

Picture it! Washington, June 17, 2015, somewhere inside the secret Republican evil dude lair beneath the United States Capitol Building: "Gee boss, it's starting to look like SAME SEX MARRIAGE will soon be the law of the land, what're we...

Deleted Comments: Oh, Goody, It’s Time For ‘Pro-Lifers’ To Carry Out Some Vigilante Justice

Our deleted commenters' try some verbal fireworks, and blow off their own fingers. Don't try this at home!

Federal Judge Gives Mississippi Clerks And Bigots A Real Bad Week

Sometimes, when there is a ton of news about a couple-a big things, news about other things gets swept under the rug and we miss it! But in addition to the other awesome judicial news we got on Monday --...

Georgia ACLU Director Quits Job To Be A Transphobe, Wingnuts Declare Selves Absolved Of All Bigotry

Maya Dillard Smith says her children were scared by some trans people in a bathroom one time, therefore maybe they shouldn't have rights?

Trump Supporter Thrilled Trump Will Make America Great Again, For A-Holes

Remember the good old days when you could just insult whomever you wanted, and then they would kill you in a duel?

North Carolina Republican Breaks Up With Bruce Springsteen, Becomes Belieber

You might have heard that Bruce Springsteen was one of the first to actually put his money where his mouth is regarding North Carolina's new hate law HB 2, canceling a scheduled concert in Greensboro. Can you believe that?...

Texas Muslin Ain’t Want None A-Them Fake Hindu Gods Muckin’ Up His Dairy Queen

A Dairy Queen owner in Texas has come under public fire for posting really bigoted signs about someone else's religion. OH BOY, it's Texas, must mean another Christian shitting on Muslims, we're so tired of -- wait, the asshat...
You're fooling yourself. Equestria is a dictatorship

Deleted Comments Of The Week: Uh-Oh, Wonkette’s Killing White Folks Again!

Happy "Big Game Sunday" -- as all the ads which haven't paid the necessary licensing fee must call it -- O ye Wonkers! Are you rooting for the one team of giant men who will suffer permanent brain damage...
He Declared Bankruptcy For Your Sins

Donald Trump Coincidentally Cancels Trip To Israel After Israel Tells Him To Suck It

Donald Trump might be popular with the subliterate xenophobic chest-thumping jingoists of the Republican Party, but in the rest of the world, he's about as unwelcome as a Muslim in (LOL) Donald Trump's America. More than 360,000 Britainese signed a...
Easy on the eyes, just saying.

Sexxxy Green Bay Packers Quarterback Tells Refugee Haters To Eat Astroturf

The past few days have been sad and disheartening. We began the weekend mourning with our friends in Paris in the aftermath of terrorist attacks meant to, well, terrorize. And then many of our own American citizens, including Republican...
P.S.: I am not a crank

Deleted Comments Of The Week: ‘The Cookie Jar Is Human Organ Trafficking’

It was a rather dry week for deleted comments -- yes, there was plenty of raving, but only a few of our visiting wingnuts said anything worth quoting. Step up your game, crazies -- make it memorable, will you?...
It's possible to slur whole categories of people without being a bigot, you know.

Donald Trump: Don’t Call My Bigot Supporters Bigots, You Bigot

Donald Trump has finally found someone he's willing to be nonjudgmental about. Unfortunately, it's that moron at his New Hampshire rally last week, the one who said America's top problem is Muslims, the President is a Muslim, and also...