big bang

As Mr. Dave Barry, one of the forty or so sane people in Florida, said some time ago, the only thing America really excels in anymore is the production of reports on just how stupid Americans are. And so we have another one! The National Science Foundation’s biennial (a word which here means “given every […]

Hi there, Wonkeratti! It’s time once again for another appalling Wonkette sci-blog.Check the seals on your pressure suit and come on in! At 11:27 p.m. EDT Friday, NASA successfully launched a moon rocket exploration mission from the Space Coast. Woohoo, we’re goin’ to the Moon! Sounds like it’s the mid 1970′s, doesn’t it? It’s 2013, […]

Speaking in front of a wall of glassy-eyed dead deer to an audience of glassy-eyed Christians at last month’s 2012 Sportsman’s Banquet at Hartwell, GA’s Liberty Baptist Church, serial Obama-speech-boycotter Rep. Paul Broun (R-JesusJesusJesusland) single-handedly disproved evolution and the Big Bang, and embryology, for good measure, revealing that they are “lies straight from the pit […]