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Trump EPA Head Cleans All That Dangerous ‘Science’ Out Of EPA’s Science Board

All industry wants is a place at the table. And to own the table. And to charge rent for the other places...
You can always count on some dope to misspell exactly what you need

Donald Trump Very Angry Google’s Hiding All The Bad News About Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump knows the truth about Google: It's out to get him, just like everyone else.
Neither a gentleman nor a scholar

Donald Trump Yells More At Messican Judge In Trump University Suit, Forgets One Weird Trick

Donald Trump continues to be very unhappy about the terrible travesty of justice in the biased, unfair, and totally unjustified lawsuits against his "Trump University" scam.
What's Pony Hillary drinking? A Bloody Mare-y, of course.

Deleted Comments Of The Week: Oh God, Not Another Hillary-Bernie Thread!

We got a whole lot of angry comments about Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, and we have no idea why. OK, maybe some idea why.
This copy of the Constitution came in a box of cereal

Cliven Bundy Lawsuit Against Obama Demands $50 Million, Get Out Of Jail Free Card, And A Pony

Cliven Bundy has filed a massively stupid lawsuit against President Obama, Sen. Harry Reid, and the federal judge in his criminal case. It's good for some laughs if nothing else.

All Scientists Are White Men, So Those Black And Latina Ladies Must Be Janitors

You know what you almost never see in a survey? A 100 percent agreement rate. It just doesn't happen, unless the sample size is like six ten-year-old boys and the question is "do you find fake fart noises amusing?"...
Dangerous radicals

Wingers Demand Ginsburg, Kagan Recuse Selves From Gay Marriage Case, Go Play Softball

The American Patriarchy Association, fronted by spokescreep Bryan Fischer, is calling for Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Elena Kagan to recuse themselves from the Supreme Court's upcoming case on same-sex marriage because they're entirely too biased on the issue....
Dear Sir or Madame: I am outraged by the lack of variety in the .gifs on this blog!

Deleted Comments Of The Day: Labor Day Loonies Edition

Happy Labor Day, workers of the world! While you and your grillables marinate in anticipation of the big holiday Bar-B-Q/bonfire, we bring you these offerings from the comments queue. Just be careful not to leave them out too long...

Pollster’s Mean Questions Make Big Tough Conservatives Weep

Public Policy Polling has separated itself from the other polling outfits through one simple trick: Its polls include weird questions. It's how we found out, for example, that God had a 52-percent approval rating last year, and that only...

LIVEBLOGGING SOTOMAYOR? Look, we'll do this, but only if every other form of news occurring in the world gets really boring. So ... yeah, probably for a few minutes this afternoon? Because why not. In the meantime, you can...

Conviction Of Violent Creep O.J. Simpson Advances The Cause Of Racial Justice

O.J. Simpson did exactly two admirable things in his life: he played football well, and he was in The Towering Inferno. Besides that he was a completely unhinged wife-beating and likely double-homiciding egomaniacal lunatic with impulse-control problems. If you...

MICHAEL DUKAKIS IS IN THE TANK TOO: McCain strategist Steve Schmidt, who is Karl Rove's actual bald son, spent all morning yelling at all reporters about how they're "in the tank" for Barack Obama. And then Politico dominatrix Ben...

Andrea Mitchell Angry That Press Wasn’t Invited To Obama’s Basketball Game

The Obama campaign is all about IMAGE CONTROL these days and GOOD OPTICS, which is why nobody can wear a green Hamas shirt around the candidate. Now Barack Obama is stone cold ignoring the press on his Middle Eastern...

CNN Bias Shocker!