bernie sanders

Earlier this month, Bernie Sanders told The Nation’s John Nichols that he is “prepared to run for President of the United States,” and now we are treated to a reminder of how awesome that would be every time we read a new “who besides Hillary” item. It is like an It Gets Better Project for socialists. It […]

So this was a rather beautiful exchange in a Senate hearing on single-payer healthcare Tuesday. Sen. Richard Burr, who we are informed did not play either Perry Mason or Robert T. Ironside, was ready to come down like a million-pound shithammer on Canadian doctor Danielle Martin from Toronto, Canadaland, about that country’s complete failure to […]

Even if you’re a full-on socialist like Bernie Sanders (or our beloved and esteemed Editrix, may she live a thousand years), there’s a good chance you think the US Post Office is hemorrhaging money. But that’s because you’re not as awesome as Bernie Sanders, who sent us a nice email this afternoon about the Post […]

Hey remember when you lost your job and all your assets, or maybe took on tens of thousands dollars in school loans so you could pay for an education that would help you get a part-time job in retail? Remember that? That was fun, right? As you claw your way out of the hole created […]

Exactly how many stupid, stupid people do we have in Congress these days, toiling away in the world’s most deliberative lawmaking body, making decisions that will probably imperil the very survival of the human race? And of these stupid, stupid people, how many are willing to talk to reporters and make good and sure that […]

Ugh, unwashed godless free market-hating ecoterrorist hippie cabal “the insurance industry” is whining about global warming, according to this press release just in from Bernie Sanders’ office. Oh just go make out with a bunch of dolphins, brainwashed hippies: Property and casualty insurers in the United States experienced an extraordinary estimated $44 billion in losses […]

1) Bernie Sanders. – Originally posted September 30. UPDATE, October 5: 2) Dennis Kucinich UPDATE, October 5, 9 PM: 3) Russ Feingold (Obama, meanwhile, posts a Twitter about the sad death of billionaire industrialist Steve Jobs, but can’t be bothered to mention the many thousands of union members and unemployed protesting nationwide in hopes of […]

Bernie Sanders is currently filibustering on the floor of the Senate because he doesn’t like the Obama-Republican tax cut plan. He’s been at it since 10:25 am, according to a C-SPAN graphic, and he will soon be jumping in and out of wormholes so his voice can be heard everywhere and through all of time. […]

Democrats are a little upset that Obama hung out with Congress’ Republican leadership and came back with one of their matching “Tax Cuts Forever”-scripted leather jackets, so they’re not sure they will go along with his breathtaking cave (ooh! pretty stalactites!) on the issue. But Obama is very determined for his party in the legislature […]

Harry Reid allowed friendly old Vermont socialist senator Bernie Sanders to bring his 700+ page single-payer establishing health care amendment to the floor today for a symbolic vote, hooray. But then C-Street cumbucket Tom Coburn decided to waste more taxpayer money by forcing a page to read the entire bill aloud, word-for-word, a process that […]