berlin wall

This week’s installment will be easy, since all it has to do is explain how Ronald Reagan ended the Cold War by scaring the Godless Rooshians with a laser gun. And lots of deficit spending on the military, but we don’t need to talk about that. But Reagan didn’t do it alone — he had […]

You may have thought that the Berlin Wall was brought down by the economic and political bankruptcy of the East German government in 1989, or maybe because of the impromptu actions of enthusiastic Berliners who just kind of spontaneously went all nutty and freedomy and sledge-hammery, or perhaps even as a result of delayed echoes […]

The phrase “will to power” gets thrown around a lot (by nerds, making nerd talk with each other), but it is probably indicative of something when a person seeking political office seems to have a big hard-on for arresting and imprisoning people. Like, remember when Alaska Senate candidate Joe Miller had his security goons arrest […]

Here is your annual bit of foreign news from the foreign country of France! France’s “President”—think: the equivalent of America’s “minority whip”—Nicolas Sarkozy posted a Facebook photo on his French Facebook in which he is shown personally destroying the Berlin Wall with a Nicolas Sarkozy-sized ax. Except according to historical evidence dating back to November […]

Two completely random European journalists are requesting credit for the fall of the Berlin Wall. See, they were the ones who asked tuff questions about it! No one had even THOUGHT about knocking it down—that is, before the quality of their journalism alluded to it. [WSJ] Actual winner of Afghanistan’s election, Abdullah Abduallah, might team […]

Obama, to prove he does not hate New Orleans and has zero plans to willfully destroy it—as per the tradition of his predecessor—will visit this afternoon. [Los Angeles Times] Over 30 people were killed in a series of coordinated terrorist goings-on in Islamabad. [New York Times] The Arctic’s ice will be completely gone in 20 […]