benjamin franklin

You might think that our Christianist textbooks would have the decency to mention this true historical event where Jesus handed the Constitution to America’s children while Washington, Lincoln, Adams and Hamilton sang show tunes, but this basic fact is strangely absent from the two textbooks we’ve been reviewing. They don’t even argue that the Constitution […]

The U.S. Postal Service is now going to close “more than 1 in 10″ of its post office locations around the country, as part of the National Shutting Down orchestrated by Washington Republicans and their extremist-libertarian corporate overlords. One such post office up for closure is in Old Philadelphia, inside a historic home that belonged […]

Meet Rick Barber, your patriotic candidate for Congress from Alabama’s (we don’t know) district. He closed down the honky tonk again, and now he’s yelling at the demons of his imagination: Brewer-Patriot Sam Adams, socialist Parisian Benjamin Franklin and liberty-crushing whiskey-taxer George Washington. And he irritated these ghosts so much that Washington’s gonna crawl out […]

FUNNY PICTURES  4:09 pm January 17, 2007

Happy Birthday, Ben Franklin!

by Ken Layne