beer summit

Barack Obama has done it now, you guys. In sober, halting, and very carefully chosen words, he addressed the Trayvon Martin case and implied that there might have been something wrong with an unarmed black boy being shot down in what appears manifestly to be cold blood. He also reminded America that he (President Obama) […]

HAPPY ENDINGS  4:30 pm October 29, 2009

by Jim Newell

OMG THEY’RE DATING! Obama was playing matchmaker all along: “CAMBRIDGE (WBZ) ― Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates and Cambridge police Sergeant James Crowley were spotted at a pub in Cambridge Wednesday night. The owner of ‘River Gods’ told WBZ the two sat in a booth together and talked for about an hour.” Who slipped whom […]

This wretched thing again. Dana Milbank and Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post ran with a very clever theme for this week’s “Embodiment Of All That Is Wrong With Washington” Theater comedy segment: what wacky made-up beers would various public officials drink if they were invited to the Beer Summit?! Cillizza jokes about how scumsucking […]

We read that CNN and MSNBC each have been displaying a “Beer Summit Countdown Clock” during their programs this afternoon, and here’s proof! (What’s that alert on the bottom there? Something about many humans dying in that country we invaded and occupied just for shits and giggles? Ha ha, weird, whatever.) But maybe the Beer […]