Mayor Tom Hayden of Flower Mound, Texas, made an official announcement Wednesday, issuing a proclamation that 2014 would be the Year Of The Bible, so that the city will be all Bible-y. It is a pretty bold move for a suburban mayor in a Texas town with a ton of churches, but maybe, by golly, […]

Let’s say you live in Michigan and want to buy a man-eating wild animal. Thanks to burdensome regulations, it’s very difficult to buy a tiger or a bear unless you are a major civic institution zoo. That’s the government for ya, always hassling the small businessman. Thankfully, brave patriots in the Michigan legislature plan to […]

The American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer left us a present in the RSS feed this morning: a pleasant blog post about how WE MUST KILL ALL OF THE BEARS. Fischer takes offense to a report that global warming has tweaked Yellowstone grizzly bears’ food supply, causing some of them to go after humans and get […]

The out-of-control Patriot Act allowed one of Obama’s best friends, a BLACK BEAR, to waltz into some poor family’s home, eat their fruit, and steal one of their most precious toys, ALL WITHOUT A WARRANT. [Daily Intel] As predicted in the Bible and on Glenn Beck’s chalkboard, we will all be tattooed with barcodes and […]

Damn bears, ruining elections all the time… Thanks for nothing, Andrew Sullivan. It’s time you returned to Canada. [Reuters/NYT]

When you heard the news about Mitt Romney being terribly disrespectful to Sarah Palin by suggesting she’s only important because she’s purty, you probably wondered what this Alaskan “mama bear” would do about it.

If you go to the Ringling Brothers & Barnum and Bailey Circus show Over the Top, don’t expect Cirque du Soleil, because you’re not going to get it. You’re going to get what you paid $15 for — lousy tricks, uncoordinated dancing and cheesy dialogue. However, you will be enlightened with knowing where exactly Eastern […]

We have finally solved a great mystery here at Wonkette International Headquarters! We kept seeing these insane commercials on the teevee, with Beyoncé encouraging us to upgrade to digital cable while she writhed around in golden garbs and held a menacing trinket in her teeth reading “UPGRADE.” Since when, we asked, did Beyoncé care about […]

So the poor sad bear cub that was dumped, dead, on the campus of Western Carolina University with Obama signs over its head was not some weird violent threat-omen against black people or Democratic voters or bears. ‘Twas a lighthearted prank, carried out by a couple of whimsical young men, for larfs!

Here’s a fun “treasure” map for everyone who wishes to know where the real Bitters in this country dwell: take any wide East Coast state — North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York — start at the ocean, move directly west through the beaches and the cornfields, then the cities and centers of commerce, the […]

Thank you to tipster “Terry” for sending us this picture of his teevee displaying the latest sophomoric hijinks from liberal MSNBC. It’s downright immoral the way they keep insulting Hillary Clinton like this.

America’s happiest moment in eight years was when that dude in a bear suit comically walked down the beach while that local-teevee reporter described some invisible pier, during Hurricane Ike. Poor old Ralph Nader wonders aloud, to his running mate, a bird named “Gonzalez,” if maybe he should wear a bear suit and fuck a […]

Here is a clip of what one flustered CNN anchor calls “two guys pretending to console each other” after yesterday’s carnage on Wall Street. (SHHH DON’T TELL ANYONE IT IS SOME SORT OF HOWARD STERN PRANK.) After the jump, Hurricane Ike comes to town … in a bear suit.

By the Comics Curmudgeon While most Americans have just now started paying attention to the Presidential election (holy smokes, did you know there’s a black fella running? And some kind of moose lady?), we know that you faithful Wonkette readers have been following it since the day it began, which is to say November 4, […]