The legal proceedings surrounding racist jowl monster and Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling just took another weird turn. Apparently, Sterling thought that if he just dissolved the trust that owned the Clippers, then he wouldn’t have to sell the team, because poof, now no one owns the team! The trust’s CFO told him otherwise, […]

Whoa, Vladimir Putin! We already know he’s a manly man who can tame wild animals and annex any country’s territory at the drop of a hat, unlike our own president, Kunta Kenya, who wears mom jeans and eats his hamburgers with some kind of fancy mustard like a homo or a Frenchman (but we repeat […]

Here is some video of Barack Obama and family arriving at a sportsball game Sunday at the University of Maryland. They went to watch Michelle’s brother Craig Robinson, who coaches the Oregon State University sportsball men. Give it a listen, but turn it down before you get to about 2:13, when some really loud music […]

We don’t want to get into any ugly stereotyping, but one of our major-party candidates for president is working very hard today, voting this morning and then flying to other states, while the other one is just chilling on the South Side of Chicago and playing some hoops with his so-called “home boys.” Do we […]

Hello, former Laura Bush press secretary and also former LA Times politics blogger Andrew Malcolm! What are you mad about today? Is it that the campaign bus of history’s greatest monster, Barack Obama, did not stop at a little girl’s lemonade stand? No, that was last week? OK, then what? “Barack Obama actually said this,” […]

If there’s one thing black people like, it’s basketball, right? I mean, that’s what we hear, on the streets, or from our sources that we send to collect data from the streets, because we don’t go to the streets ourselves, it’s scary out there. Anyhoo, we all just assumed that Republican Danny Tarkanian would win […]

Journalism Today: Your Wonket steals from Politico’s aggregating of the Washington Post’s new excerpt of that David Maraniss book, and what buzzworthy and important topic has us all opining and stealing? Oh, just this WORLD-SHAKING INFORMATION we are about to lay down on you, about how Barack Obama is not that good at basketball!

Look what he’s done now.

Let’s put politics aside for a minute and enjoy the beginning of America’s greatest annual springtime intercollegiate athletic competition, March Madness. Things got off to a thrilling start today: “During their school’s NCAA Tournament game against Kansas State University today, members of the Southern Mississippi University band chanted, ‘Where’s your green card?’ at a Puerto […]

Between the tantrum-throwing and secret Ben Affleck movie viewings, it appears that this debt debate has officially caused everyone in Washington to go completely insane! Or at least more insane than usual. Exhibit A: Republican Sen. Pat Roberts of Kansas is having very detailed panic dreams about a made-up basketball game between himself and President […]

Yielding to dozens of Surveymonkey petitions, Barack Obama has decided that allowing Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and his merry 9/11 pranksters to be tried in a “normal” court — you know, where torture-induced confessions are not considered “evidence” — would be inappropriate, and that a sensationalized military kangaroo tribunal with a swift verdict would be much […]

America’s least favorite current president, Barack Obama, was nearly murdered in a basketball game today. He got 12 stitches! Apparently his face got in a fight with somebody’s elbow — maybe belonging to that Reggie Love character? — and next thing you know Joe Biden was about this close to nuking Alaska.

The Democratic Governors Association made this video to get the libtard bloggers excited at the Netroots Nation conference that starts today in Las Vegas. That was cool of them! Look, there is something of each of them in this video. David Paterson of New York sat at a computer and did ALL the video editing […]

The entire Western Hemisphere is unemployed but surprise surprise, the U.S. Senate is too busy playing grab-ass with hott celebs to even feign interest. [The Caucus] Matt published super-private emails sent to him by Jonathan Strong, of Daily Caller JournoList muckraking fame. And now everyone knows Jonathan Strong’s secret phone number, so dial those digits […]

Last week, Joe Biden was at a fundraiser for Senate candidate Lee Fisher when he opened his big mouth. “LeBron James is coming back,” Biden said. Last night, LeBron James announced that some “privileged” kids were getting scholarships to the University of Phoenix so that they will get a bad education and also that he […]