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Well, nuts, this is a genuine, bona fide Moment of Sad: after 20 terms in the House of Representatives, liberal healthcare superhero Henry Waxman and his unfortunate teeth announced today that he’ll be retiring at the end of his current term. In honor of his impressive cranium, may we suggest that the renovations of the […]

In big fat “can we just got on with this now” marijuana news, members of Congress introduced a bill this week to legalize pot on the federal level, and tax and regulate it like alcohol. Congressmen Jared Polis (D-Rocky Mtn High CO) and Earl Blumenauer (D-It’s fucking raining all the time what do you expect […]

It is sort of hard to hear what Barney Frank is saying here, when asked if he would take an appointment to John Kerry’s Senate seat from Massachusetts, because he lisps — YEAH, WE SAID IT — so we will just copy-paste this transcription from Politico, thank you Politico:

Here is a lovely thing about gay dudes: they really want their lovers to be happy. And that is why Jim Ready was pretty much pushed into retiring Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank’s lecherous old arms by his own dying partner. And now Ready and Frank are married, and Barney Frank is nice. Man, those gays […]

Whoa hey what the hell: The House of Representatives, the envelope-pushing absurdist sitcom that ended the laughtrack era, passed a “jobs bill” called the JOBS (an acronym for “who cares”) Bill with bipartisan support and 390 billion votes. Finally, the modest regulatory tweaks to certain small business’ capital formation processes that Americans have been clamoring […]

What, were people scandalized or something? SEXISTS, ALL OF THEM. [Animated gif via Wonkette operative "Nathan R."]

To the delight of microwaveable snack industry executives nationwide, sex god Ron Paul and other sex god Barney Frank are introducing the nation’s first “HOW ABOUT WE FINALLY LEGALIZE THE MARY-JUANA” bill, which, eh, probably has no chance, but maybe now America can Have a Conversation about the “drug war,” which is not actually a […]

Cut this guy a break, Barney Frank. He’s never showered near any other human. It’s icky. [Media Matters via everyone]

Republican congressional candidate Sean Bielat has a simple logic problem for you here: If men shorter than 5’2″ can’t serve in military combat, why should gays get to? “I don’t see anybody protesting. Where are the people standing in front of the White House, the short guys standing in front of the White House? You […]

Last night, Barney Frank actually sat down next to and debated that LaRouchite Rachel Brown, whom he once compared to a dining room table and is now running against. She has lots of crazy signs, you will remember. Frank, surprisingly, came out against the position that Obama is Hitler and that America should immediately colonize […]

The editor of the Boardman News — which outshines even the New York Times in producing coverage specific to Boardman, Ohio — appended this note to a letter sent in by the local Democratic Party chairman, about Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank destroying the moral fabric of their town with his public displays of gayness. Maybe […]

Are you sick of the humdrum of the usual crazy candidates you’ve seen this summer on your Wonkette? Are they too poor for you? Are they too populist? Are they too unwilling to give campaign speeches immediately following a classical piano recital? Meet Rachel Brown, running against Barney Frank for Congress in Massachusetts’ 14th District. […]

Congress likes to spend money. But sometimes they also think, “Wait, do we have any money?” And then they come up with an idea to make themselves a cool $20 or so, and then they get back to spending lots of money. We are witness to one such idea right now. Though they banned it […]

Barney Frank and his partner were flying back from their gay vacation in California the other day when who did they run into on the plane, oh god, a couple of drunk ophthalmologist sisters being obnoxious from a few seats away. We’ve all been there. These mean drunk doctor ladies were harassing Barney Frank, and, […]

Today’s protesters had a nickname for Barney Frank! “Just after Frank rounded a corner to leave the building, an older protester yelled ‘Barney, you faggot.’ The surrounding crowd of protesters then erupted in laughter.” What else? Ah, yes: famous black civil rights leader Rep. John Lewis is black. They had a nickname for him, too! […]