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Barbara Boxer sees Brad Woodhouse’s “Republicans = Taliban” and raises him a “Republicans, namely Michael Steele = Taliban + Hamas,” which is true, but not really because of Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize.

Wealthy corporate human Carly Fiorina, the disgraced dingbat liar from John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign, is planning a run against Barbara Boxer in next year’s California Senate race. Cute! And yesterday she launched a hilarious FLASH website that everybody has been making fun of because it is so cheesy. You should watch the opening FLASH […]

“Quality, not quantity” is an epigram that’s in favor with people who realize that they do not have a sufficient amount of a thing. So, in maybe related news: why, look how many famous authors and Senators from California are in DC this week, peddling everything from memoirs to barely fictionalized romans a clefs about […]

Wonkette liberal junk mail target operative “Rita” sends us this scan of “a postcard I got from Barbara Boxer thanking California voters for their support.” We don’t really know where the “thanking” part is — do they make two-sided paper these days? — all we see is Barbara Boxer calling her arch enemy Oklahoma Sen. […]

The Politico, having already sufficiently raped and pillaged the Morning, Evening, and Afternoon, now has its sights set on the THE DAWN, the rosy fingertips of which it will pry its signature demon scooplets from mercilessly. (No but, uh, actually. See bottom.) [Ben Smith] Nate Silver’s pet Andrew has thrown up some math numbers about […]

Here’s a clip from the popular Hardball “Sideshow” segment — the part that covers the exact same stuff as the rest of the show but is tagged, arbitrarily, as being super wacky! — in which Lindsey Graham gets really gay about The Stimulus Package, because it doesn’t give Mother any funds with which to buy […]

A “high-level” aide to communist Sen. Barbara Boxer of California has been arrested after — whoops! — he was caught chatting and swapping cock pictures with 13-year-old boys on a liberal social network called “Google Hello.” Gross! And the funny thing about one of those 13-year-old boys was that he was actually an FBI detective, […]


by Sara K. Smith

WHAT HAS BARBARA BOXER DONE TO HER HAIR? Maybe it’s just been a while since we’ve seen her on television. Now she looks like Meredith Viera. Dude down the aisle from us is losing his mind clapping for Barbara Boxer. “Sixty is the new fifty,” the end, thank you California. Onward.

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