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Obama says making friendship bracelets is tougher than registering to vote, PFFFFFFT.

Wonkette made fun of Michele Bachmann and Donald Trump's pretended outreach to evangelicals. Clearly, we hate Christians and want to impose Sharia. Duh.

The Supreme Court deadlocked in an immigration case, effectively killing off President Obama's 2014 executive action on immigration. Get ready for drunks to start trying to enforce the decision with crowbars.

Your president is LOLing at the idea that Donald Trump is a 'good businessman.'

We've got Bundyite sovereign citizens, liars, and racists against the Bears Ears national monument proposal. Hell, all we need now is some good old-fashioned ratfucking.

The grifter from Wasilla really should delete her Facebook page.

John McCain blamed Barack Obama for the mass shooting in Orlando, because his brain just works like that sometimes.

The American Medical Association announced it will push for increased research on gun violence. Get ready for the National Rifle Association to boycott health care.

As gently as possible, may we suggest that it's probably time for him to STFU?

While we're having thoughts and prayers for the Orlando massacre victims, it sure would be nice if the Senate would actually confirm the guy who's supposed to be leading the fight against terrorists' finances.

In which we are kind to Jim Hoft, sort of.


Elizabeth Warren tore Donald Trump yet another new one in her speech to the American Constitution Society Thursday. And as always, it was glorious.

It might just be statistically possible for Donald Trump to win the presidency, although such an outcome would obviously give a completely new meaning to the term 'margin of error.'

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