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Alabama Republican: When God Gives You Coal, You Have To Light It On Fire

  how long can this go on?
You won’t be surprised to learn that here at Wonkette, we generally do not believe in signs and ...
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Stupidest Men On The Internet: Obama Bringing Africans, Ebola, And Polygamy To America!

  Barack Ebola
It is never the wrong time to panic
Jim Hoft, the Stupidest Man on the Internet, and Kristinn Taylor, the Stupidest Guest Blogger on the ...
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Republicans To Obama: Stop Impeaching Yourself! Stop Impeaching Yourself!

Don’t you just hate how Democrats can not stop blah blahing 27 hours a day about impeaching ...
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A Children’s Treasury Of Perfectly Sane Responses To Obama’s Lost Golf Ball

  Fore More Years!
Golf is dumb
Barack Obama: golfing President, or golfing TYRANT!? That’s the hot question from the Top ...
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WND Idiot Erik Rush Just Asking Whether Obama Shot Down Flight 17 (He Totally Did)

  So Nuts He Makes the Other Rush Look Sane
The shocking evidence the mainstream media don't want you to see!
WND columnist and wackaloon conspiracy theorist (ah, but we repeat ourselves) Erik Rush, who’s ...
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Motorcade For Imperial High Snotnose Obama Arrogantly Delays Pregnant Lady, INPEACH!

  motorin'...what's your price for flight?
He smiled, KNOWINGLY. Inpeach!!!
The Imperial President King of the Formerly United States, Barack Hussein Marie Antoinette Louis XVI ...
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Tyrant Obama Crushes Sacred Right To Discriminate Against Gay Homosexuals

  freedom's just another word for no one left to hate
Dogs and cats living together
So here’s some Monday Nice Time for you, Wonkers: President Barry Bamz has gone and signed an ...
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Remember That Time Ronald Reagan Shot Down An Iranian Airliner? That Was Awesome

  thanks obama!
when other countries do it, it's an atrocity. When we do it, it's a tragic mistake.
Following last week’s shooting down of Malaysia Airlines flight MH 17, Fox News has been very ...
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Bryan Fischer Thinking Good Thoughts About AIDS Researchers Dying On Plane. No, Really. He’s Thinking ‘Good’

  so lange and thanks
Three hundred-ish people died on the Malaysian Airlines flight shot down over the Ukraine yesterday. ...
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Rush Limbaugh Figures This ‘Airliner Shot Down’ Thing Just A Distraction From Scary Honduran Children On Border

  pay no attention to the flaming wreckage
Rush Limbaugh took to the air (not literally; are you kidding?) yesterday to say that he found it ...
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Jon Stewart Thinks Sarah Palin’s ‘Time To Impeach’ Clock Is Off (Video)

Having just come off his break, Jon Stewart is still catching up with some stuff that we’ve ...
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Maureen Dowd Is Meh About A Thing

  persons attempting to find a moral will be banished
Guys, we’re really sorry we haven’t gotten around to announcing the big tote-bag winners ...
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