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Sarah Palin has had enough of the personal attacks dished out by hypocrite in chief Barack HUSSEIN Obama, you guys, and she has a salad of words to toss on ya! Blah blah blah, word word word. Oh, here we go. “With all due respect to the office of the presidency, when I hear Barack […]

Hey, your new president gave his first presidential interview to a teevee channel … THE AL ARABIYA network, in DUBAI, or at least the network’s studio in Washington. ZOMG they are already here! [IHT]

Barack Obama is so very fancy that he has three names instead of two or even just one, like Madonna, and like the socialist Muslin alien he is, he will insist on reciting all three of his names in a Klingon-Arabic patois when he is sworn in on Thomas Jefferson’s Koran. This is an extremely […]

Mysterious Wonkette Texas operative “The Doctor” (RP?) has forwarded us a delightful e-mail (s)he received this morning, probably from a great aunt or uncle, that thoroughly explains how Texas has the resources it needs to secede from the Union, which it should do immediately, “since B. Hussein Obama won the election.” Silly sheeple, only now […]

A KINDER GENTLER NATION  2:35 pm October 8, 2008

by Jim Newell

MCAIN-PALIN KKK CAMPAIGN UPDATE: Sarah Palin and John McCain have been holding KKK rallies all week, asking the klansmen “Who is the REAL Barack Obama” and getting all sorts of “colorful” responses. At today’s joint KKK rally in Pennsylvania, the dude introducing McCain and Palin fired up the racial death brigades by mentioning “Barack Hussein […]

Oh good sweet god jesus shit WHAT IS EVEN HAPPENING HERE? The YouTube description says, “I came home from football practice one evening and my parents were talking to our neighbors who were drunk. This is what happened … I live in southeastern kentucky FYI.” Well, you have been warned, America. Here are three drunk […]

BARACK OBAMA  3:41 pm February 13, 2008

Meet Barack’s Family!

by Jim Newell

BARACK OBAMA  10:51 am February 7, 2008

Barack Obama, Cultist

by Sara K. Smith