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Does Robert Mueller Have Some InfoWars Guy At Black Site, Just Like Crazy Twitter Says?

Why Is Robert Mueller torturing crazy rightwing people, if he is, even?

Failed Indiana GOP Candidate Sends His Holiday Pipe Bomb Early This Year

For once, it wasn't 'a quiet fellow who kept to himself.'
Sadly, the prisoners today tend not to be Gentlemen like Mr. Pickwick

Slumlord Jared Kushner’s Company Making America Dickensian Again, Now With Debtors’ Prison!

Jared Kushner isn't the only scummy slumlord who uses this tactic. But he's the only one with a White House job.

Nice Time! Minnesota Nurses Buy And Forgive $2.6 Million In Patients’ Medical Debt

In a better world, gestures like this wouldn't be needed. But it's still pretty wonderful.

Obama Hates 22nd Amendment. Wonkagenda For Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Trump University keeps a door open for charity, Scott Walker cleans up climate change, and the student debt bubble gets bigger. Your daily news brief!

How Is Donald Trump Poor Today?

Is Donald Trump lying to the tax assessors, or is he lying to us? Guess we will ever, ever know.
If the Trump campaign somehow brings back Pauly Shore, it's going to have a lot to answer for.

Trump’s Campaign Chief, Steve Bannon, Made Bad Science At Biosphere 2 And Was A Jerk Even Then

Donald Trump campaign CEO Steve Bannon was once part of the management team for Biosphere 2, another over-hyped financially dubious flop.
Let Them Eat Trump Steaks

Donald Trump’s Only Public Company Went Bust While Trump Got Rich Off It. Isn’t That A Heck Of A Thing?

Donald Trump actually took one of his companies public in 1995. It went belly-up after a decade, but Donald Trump made out like a bandit. Imagine that!

Turns Out Donald Trump’s Idea Of Charity Involves A Lot Of Golf

There has never really been any doubt that Donald Trump is the king of hyperbole. Telling everyone he is the very best at business is his actual #brand, even though his corporate empire has had to avail itself of the...

The Snake Oil Bulletin: Deep In The Heart Of Stupid

Greetings, pardners, and welcome once again to the Snake Oil Bulletin. We've got us a rootin', tootin', hole-in-head-shootin' round of stories on the agenda this week, all taking place in that great throbbing, barbecue-thrombosed heart of America, Texas! Yeehaw!...
how can you not trust this guy?

Coal: It’s A Dirty Business. Oh, And Sometimes It Murders People Too.

Coal. PAC Gold. Kentucky Crack. It's an interesting time for our some of our dirtiest corporate persons. Under attack from stupid Obama, limp-wristed yet increasingly affordable alternative energy sources, overextended regulatory agencies, and fucking hippies, these persecuted companies have had...
Now Grandma gets to go to the Horseshoe, THANKS OBAMA.

Obamacare Death Panels Oklahoma Old People, By Giving Them So Much Money

U.S. Americans have been lately wondering why their Oklahoma Grandma has been sending them TWO crisp twenties for their birthdays these past few years. Is she sick? Has she reached the point where she can't count moneys anymore? GOOD...
["Price is Right" losing horn SFX]

Deadbeat Minneapolis Archdiocese Went And Blew All Its Money On Sex Abuse Cases

Minnesota isn't all Lutherans, though if we're being honest, yeah, it's mostly Lutherans. Today, those sola scriptura Scandinavians scored a major victory in their long-running war with Minnesota's Roman Catholics (shut up, it was too a thing that was...
He's had an extremely hard day.

Scummy West Virginia-Poisoning CEO Charged With Fraud, Aggravated Dickishness

Remember that li'l ol' chemical storage plant that leaked a metric shit ton of toxic coal-washing chemicals into West Virginia's Elk River back in January? And how the CEO of the company responsible for the spill went on teevee...
The real face of feminism.

Thing Atop Donald Trump’s Head Wants To Be President Of Facebook

On the same day that Ohio Sen. Rob Portman dashed the dreams of tens of Americans with an announcement that he would not run for president, The Daily Beast tantalized us with the astonishing prospect that Donald Trump believes...

Student Loan Debt Leads to Unexpected Immortality

Here is the good news about student loans: they can apparently lead to your eventual immortality. The bad news: they lead to your eventual immortality by haunting your loved ones even after your death. A California couple is speaking out...