bain capital

Insipid rich dweeb Mitt Romney is facing even more impertinent questioning about his infinite investments, and the answers may surprise you — if you just landed on Earth and then decided to jump off a stupid tree and hit every branch on the way down. Seems ol’ Mitt is allegedly using every rich dude trick […]

Guess where Barack Obama’s new Office of Management and Budget director, Jeff Zients, used to work? Just guess. Oh okay, the headline basically gives it away: he worked at Bain Capital from 1988 to 1990 in between Mitt Romney’s stints with the firm. So let’s review: Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry both hate Mitt Romney […]

During a campaign stop in Florence, SC Tuesday, fresh off yet another night of news articles called “Focus Is On Romney at ______ Debate,” Mitt Romney told reporters that he believes his current tax rate is 15 percent. Yeah, that’s right, lower than what most middle class Americans pay annually and two percent higher than […]

Stephen Colbert’s super PAC released an attack ad in South Carolina this weekend that makes the brilliant connection between Romney’s “corporations are people” comment and the number of jobs he killed while working at Bain Capital. Duh, that would make him A SERIAL KILLER by his own admission, if he ever admitted to anything. The […]

Sarah Palin, world’s greatest unwitting composer of spam correspondence, has joined delightfully unexpected team of avengers Gingrich, Perry, Paul, Santorum and Huntsman LLC in attacking Romney’s Bain Capital tenure, specifically his claim that he created 100,000 jobs while papering his 100,000-square-foot house with 100,000 benjamins. Never mind that in the past one-eighth-eon that constitutes a […]

Newt Gingrich, Head Muckraker/Chief Hypocritical Ombudsman of Political Utterances Great and Small, is campaigning in South Carolina today, where he decided around 3 o’clock in the afternoon that his attacks of Romney’s time at Bain Capital might have gone too far. Gingrich was confronted by an unhappy Rick Santorum supporter during a — what else […]

Glen Patrick Wells is a former steel worker from Peculiar, Missouri who was laid off as the result of Bain Capital’s restructuring of his former place of work, GS Technologies. Wells is so infuriated by the work of “predatory capitalist” Romney that he says he will now support MoveOn’s efforts to make Bain Capital Romney’s […]

Bad news for Mitt Romney, again, as always: Now that his only real competition is a charm coffin like Rick Santorum, the press has no other choice but to pay attention to Romney’s actual, boring campaign. THAT IS SOOOO UNFAIR! Especially because the only way Romney’s campaign can back up his job creation record — […]

Oh look, it is an old photo of Mitt Romney and some buddies from Bain Capital having loads of dirty sex with wads of dollar bills. This is how Money Is Made, children! Ha ha, you probably thought it “grew on trees” or something. Sorry, the reality is far more disgusting. [Political Wire]