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More Democrats Squeamish About Trying To Win Presidential Election

If you thought that the full chorus of national voices in the Democratic party might have no problem with — and in fact would embrace, not merely for political reasons but also because they believe it and consider it central to whatever remains of their ideological foundaiton — the long-promised assault on the practice of leveraged buyouts and their place within the financialization of the economy over the past 30 years and the destruction of any sort of consideration for improving the well-being of workers, all personified cartoonishly by Mitt Romney, then perhaps you’ve been spending too much time on Planet Earth, thinking rationally about how to win presidential elections. Several more national Democrats have announced that attacking Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital and what it represents makes them uncomfortable. Indeed, perhaps criticizing Mitt Romney at all is simply beneath them, and it would be best for the President to resign now and campaign for an uncontested Romney victory. Read more on More Democrats Squeamish About Trying To Win Presidential Election…