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Tag: bad lip reading

Ted Cruz Likes It When Cheese Dip Slimes Down His Nipples


Video Proves Fake Democrats Better Than Real Republicans

America is still recovering from last week's CNBC Republican Debate Night Shart Explosion -- which was, as we have explained, not bad for the reasons Republicans think, but because CNBC sucks at life. So maybe we should all fall into the...
Hey, it makes as much sense as the original

If GOP Candidates Were This Funny In Real Life, We Might Like Them!

Good news: We live in U.S. America, where we get to democratically elect our leaders, kind of, except for that one time the Supreme Court did it for us, GRRRRRRRRRR RAGE FACE, never getting over that.   Bad news: Our candidates...

Old Handsome Joe Biden Will Buy You A Douche

We, like you, are not particularly interested in listening to Miffed Romney spout bizarre lies about one B. HUSSEIN Obummer's foreign policy record. So instead, we will listen to the geniuses at Bad Lip Reading in their most brilliant...