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Here Is Your New ‘Backwards B’ Girl, She Is A Gay Guy From Wisconsin

Do you remember Justin Zatkoff? Well, why would you? The only reason we remember him is because he filed a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Something) against us this weekend, making us remove the old picture (like 2006?) of his injuries after he’d been beaten up by people his asshole College Republican friends claimed far and wide were either “black Muslims” or “lesbians” or “feminists” or something but it turned out he just got his ass kicked by his high school buddies. Anyway, if he hadn’t reminded us, we never would have caught the obvious similarities between his story and this one, where a gay Republican (pictured above) told the police he had been choked and beaten up by liberals for being a gay Republican! But then, whoops, he had to recant on account of how he’d made it all up. Yeah, if Zatkoff hadn’t reminded us of his unfortunate past, we definitely would have gone with the far more memorable “Backwards B” girl in our lede instead. Whoops. Read more on Here Is Your New ‘Backwards B’ Girl, She Is A Gay Guy From Wisconsin…