Yesterday afternoon (at around 4:20 pm — coincidence or FATE?) Your Wonkette received an email from Liz Glover asking if we wanted to go take photos of important people who were attending the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute’s 33rd Annual Awards Gala. We said, “Alright, sure,” because we wanted to see Harry Reid with his boyfriend […]

It seems like only a week ago that America gathered around its iPad or whatever and watched the 2010 Weeping Eagle Awards, which were not actually broadcast. But now the awful heat wave is mostly over and the awards have been distributed and our nation is a richer, better country. And we’ve got the official […]

Your editor is drinking cocktails alone in the revolving lounge of some highrise hotel in Pentagon City, due to a liberal mishap at “Reagan” National Airport. What to do, what to do? Make fun of David Ignatius’ latest op-ed about how much better America would be if it was overtly run by spies and international […]

Join a whole bunch of your Wonkette pals at 5:30 this evening for the 2010 Weeping Eagles! Consider this your Invitation, this blog post on the Internet. Eat delicious things! Drink cheap beverages! Win Wonkette T-shirts! Laugh at the buffoonery of your editor and other cretins including morning editor Josh “The Comics Curmudgeon” Fruhlinger, Wonkabout’s […]

Each election season brings a few new nuts to the great snack bowl of America, and we can all look back and laugh/cry over such political dingbats as Katherine Harris, Mitt Romney, Shelley “Dracula Cunt” Sekula Gibbs, Sarah Palin and Alan Keyes. These people are mostly known for losing and quitting and just being insane […]

How much do you like American Cable News? Not at all? Well, you’re probably not even very American. Because part of being born on the Fourth of July — as all of us were, unless we were slaves or women or whatever — is loving television. It’s right there under that ink blot or cum […]

Did you help America choose the very worst Washington Post op-idiot? That was so patriotic of you, to help choose the very special winners of the First Annual Inaugural 2010 Wonkette Weeping Eagle Awards — the Weagles™! Now it’s time to get dirty and pick the worst of the worst from the worst form of […]

Here comes a very prestigious honor disguised as a cheap web poll: You will help choose the worst Kaplan College Test Daily News op-ed columnist of 2010 for Wonkette’s first annual Weeping Eagle Awards. What do these five wretched writers have in common, other than being embarrassing hacks who are always wrong about everything, even […]

Friends, commenters, lend us your very worst nominations for the very first annual Wonkette Weeping Eagle Awards. We considered a bunch of different complicated email and web-survey methods, but finally decided the most entertaining way to choose both nominees and categories was to let the notorious Wonkette commenters have at it. And the award ceremony […]

LET'S ROLL  7:05 pm November 19, 2009

by Ken Layne

OH HELL YEAH DO THIS THING: It’s the last day of something or other with the Warblog Awards! Details here, from warblog Commenter Gen. Chascates. Thank you, everyone, for your many patriotic votes! [2009 Weblog Awards and these categories too, also]

It is a MEDICAL FACT straight from the basement laboratory of Dr. Charles Boustany that Congressional MVP Joe Wilson has won the Internet for the Republicans today! Hooray! Do not forget though, in your excitement for Wilson’s accomplishment, to pay proper respect to Lindsey Graham and Eric Cantor, who deserve other, lesser athletic superlatives! Last […]

What is the Bradley Foundation? Who knows, but it’s giving that dumb galoot Bill Kristol a $250,000 prize! No — STIPEND. Stipend? We’ll call it a stipend! What the hell? “The Bradley Foundation selected William Kristol for his outstanding achievements in a wide range of activities affecting the development of public policy from national and […]

Capitol Hill typing demon Jim Newell has won an Important Honor! He probably thanks you for your support, in his way. [Washington City Paper]

AN HONOR JUST TO BE NOMINATED ETC.  3:33 pm March 16, 2009

by Ken Layne

DO NOT WANT: Your Wonkette got shut out at the Bloggies. We were nominated in the politics, humor and “group sex” categories, and were Soundly Beaten by Nate Silver, the LOLcats, and fucking Gawker. Congratulations everybody! [Bloggies SXSW]

MAKE DENBY CRY  6:28 pm February 2, 2009

by Ken Layne

OH NOES, LAST DAY TO VOTE FOR THE BLOGGIES! And awards season will finally end, forever, as long as you’ve kindly voted for Wonkette, in all three (3) categories, at this 2009 Bloggies site and received your Confirmation Email, which can be exchanged for two (2) hobo beans in 2010, at the White House. [2009 […]