OK, so here is some unambiguously nifty Nice Time for you: An Australian study of the children of same-sex couples, the largest yet conducted, finds that their kids aren’t merely OK, but may be happier and healthier than children in the population at large. We have a feeling that this important research on families may […]

Right now, we are feeling pretty happy that we do not live in Australia, because apparently it is really costly to make fun of people if you live Down Under. Witness this epic restaurant review battle royale where some restaurant owners pursued their lawsuit for eleven years — ELEVEN YEARS — over a bad review […]

Congressional Legion of Doom members Louie Gohmert, Michele Bachmann, and Steve King appeared on a panel at the Heritage Foundation Wednesday and somehow, Gohmert managed to out-stupid both other members of the trio. Oh, sure, Bachmann warned that Barack Obama’s legacy would be “the establishment of lawlessness in the United States,” because gay marriage (apparently […]

Welcome, wonkeesters, to another edition of Derp Roundup, the weekly feature where we hose down the news, filter out the stories that weren’t quite worth a whole post but too stoopid to ignore altogether, spray the whole mess with cheap booze, and bring you the runoff. Enjoy! Our first story violates the entire premise of […]

Here’s an American export we ‘d hoped wouldn’t catch on: Australia now has its very own antipodean version of California’s Proposition 8 mess. First, the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) — Australia’s equivalent of the District of Columbia, where the capital city, Canberra, is located — passed a law allowing same-sex marriage; it went into effect […]

Ahoy Wonkeratti! It’s time once again for another horrible Wonkette Sci-Blog. Grasp a flagon of mead and come on in! Ah, Summer has passed into Fall, Fall is passing into Winter and the Season of Festivals is upon us once more. As the year’s harvest is gathered in, everyone prepares for the traditional Winter’s feasting […]

Today we thought we would circle past the Wonkette international desk – tucked away in a far corner of the newsroom, next to the janitorial supplies and a dusty pile of Butterstick references – and see what’s cookin’ overseas that does not have anything to do with Syria, because good Lord we’re tired of thinking […]

Can we just say how totally in love we are with Australia’s Prime Minister Kevin Rudd this morning? Faced with a question/provocation from pastor and radio talker Matt Prater, Rudd first explained how his thinking on marriage equality has evolved, and then Prater pulled out his Bible quotes. This is where the conversation went into […]

So, you may have heard about the awful murder of an Australian baseball player by three teens in Duncan, Oklahoma. The killers more or less admitted to killing Chris Lane for the fun of it as he was out for a jog. It’s sick and disgusting. But what’s really outrageous, according to Fox & Friends, […]

Here is Stephanie Banister of Brisbane, who hopes to win a seat in Australia’s Parliament for the fringey, anti-immigrant One Nation Party. In an interview Wednesday with Channel 7 News, she said, “I don’t oppose Islam as a country, but I do feel that their laws should not be welcome here in Australia,” because after […]

Okay yes, sexting — again, and yes a dumbass politician is doing it wrong — but let this one sorta roll around on your tongue some for that heady bouquet. The Ethics Committee MP in the Australian Parliament has gotten into trouble for ethics violations! Of course he has. We can not make this up, […]

Here’s one for your SAT analogy section: George W. Bush is to to Iraqi journalists and shoes as Australian Prime Minister Julia Gilliard is to high school students and sandwiches. For the second time within a month, the Sydney Morning Herald reports, Gilliard has been the target of a “bread-based missile” flung during a school […]

Hi diddly ho, Wonkerinos! It has been awhile since we submerged ourselves in the crazy world of America’s most prominent and deadly fetish. Frankly, we were feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the stories of people accidentally blowing away their own toddlers while cleaning their shotguns, and then the useless dicks in Congress killed gun […]

This bloke, Reno, he is quite a bloke! As a men’s rights activist, he totally GOTCHAED all those harpies who only pretend to care about domestic violence, when they really just want to falsely accuse these gallant knights of unspeakable acts what are not true. They also want to murder all our bepenised brethren and […]

Here’s a little humor from, um, down under. At a reception for the Australian and West Indies cricket teams, Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s longtime boyfriend, Tim Mathieson, took the time to discuss his work in men’s health awareness. “We can get a blood test for it, but the digital examination is the only true way […]