Here’s a not-at-all nice story from Mother Jones about the lengths to which a whole bunch of Responsible Second Amendment Advocates have harassed and threatened women who have called for limitations on gun ownership. We want to make it clear that we don’t think all gun fondlers are misogynist assholes, of course; MoJo writer Mark […]

There’s no dearth of terrible state legislators being terrible but we really have to hand it to one Mr. Senator Bernie Herpin (R-Awful) of Colorado, who decided to take the gut-wrenching tragedy of the Aurora, Colorado, theater shooting and use it to promote his gun-fondling agenda. Now, this is nothing new, but Herpin really took […]

A pro-gun group plans to hold a demonstration in favor of the 2nd Amendment in the same suburban Denver park where a remembrance will be held for victims of the Aurora theater shootings, which occurred one year ago today. Members of Rocky Mountain Gun Owners insist that they have no choice but to stand their […]

Guten Tag, liberal Wonkstaffel! With the upcoming holiday when all good God-fearing Americans celebrate the founding of the Greatest Nation in the History of Everâ„¢, we thought it a good opportunity to check up on the continued efforts to protect/eviscerate that most sacred of all American freedoms, the right to vote the right to own […]

If there’s one aspect of modern political discourse your Wonkette editor finds unbearably tedious, it’s “Remember how our side did X and you reacted with outrage, but now YOUR side did X and WHERE’S THE OUTRAGE,” because the only thing duller than arguing about tax policy or whatever is meta-arguing about arguing. That having been […]

Does Kathryn Jean Lopez believe the Aurora shooter, James Holmes, was possessed by demons? She does not say so. What she says is that a story by a Catholic priest who says possession is real and posits that James Holmes was in fact possessed by demons, is “interesting.” Are RTs endorsements? Of course not, DON’T […]

We are almost perfectly sure Wall Street Journal resident douchebag James Taranto didn’t mean to call down the Vengeance of the Internet last night, when he tweeted about the three women whose boyfriends died shielding them from the fusillade in Aurora, “I hope the girls whose boyfriends died to save them were worthy of the […]

MODERN TIMES  4:10 pm July 24, 2012

Ice-T, Conservative Hero

by Jim Newell

And so it’s 2012, and rapper Ice-T is not just a television star, but a conservative hero, for his stance on guns. If nothing else in modern times showed you so vividly how twisted our politics have become, let the very existence of this ad hoc coalition do the trick. Back in the day, Ice-T […]

Do you see that picture, above, of Barack Hussein NOoBaMA hugging a white woman who saved her friend’s life in the Aurora massacre? Yes, Stephanie Davies stayed with her friend Allie Young, who’d been shot in the neck, and kept applying pressure to the wound even after her friend told her to run. What do […]

A time of national tragedy is a time to come together as Americans, a time to heal, a time to put aside partisan differences and seek common ground. For instance, it is a time to remember that no man is an island, that we are all connected by bonds of community and love, and that […]

You could say a lot of things about the words of former Arizona state senator Russell Pearce, the lead sponsor of SB 1070, the ol’ “get ridda the browns” law. Most of them have something to do with racism. None of them resemble “consoling” or “reasonable.” So when he issued a statement about the Dark […]

Most US Americans took a rare day off yesterday from being total dicks — exception, as always, for Rep. Louie Gohmert, the newest supernova in the Cavalcade of Wonkette Stars — but a few of our fellow citizens just could not keep the stupid from oozing out between their poo-flecked lips. Let us look at […]

You don’t have to have witnessed a random shooting in a public place to question whether an armed bystander could have stopped the shooter, but it helps. On the morning of May 21, 1998, on the way to a movie matinee, I stopped by a Tucson post office to send a package of comic books […]

In the always-crowded race to become the first public figure to say something incredibly douchey immediately after a tragedy, it would appear that bragging rights go to Rep. Louis Gohmert, (R-TX), who, asked about the shootings in an interview on right-wing radio, took the opportunity to blame the shootings on America’s failure to be Jesusy […]

There are 12 people dead and 50 injured at a movie theater in Colorado, including a baby. It’s not as though you can’t look into a suspect’s history after a massacre and report things as they’re confirmed. That’s what the media should do! What the media, and every idiot on the Twitter, should not do, […]