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Download a Free Copy of Wonkette’s Ayn Rand Graphic Novel

Did you know It was almost exactly one year ago that Ayn Rand's Adventures were first released upon this world? One year ago Ayn Rand set out on a 13-part time-traveling adventure filled with political intrigue, mescalin, and vomit. In...

Never Forget: Ayn Rand’s Wild Ride

It is time for our final installment, in which Ayn must pay for her foul deeds ... and economic justice is most certainly served. If you wish to be tortured again, head back to the beginning. Your artist has...

The Ashes of 10,000 Cigarettes: Ayn Rand In the 21st Century

This is it -- the penultimate edition of Ayn Rand's graphic novel Chick Tract! Come and join Ayn in the objectivist climax of our story, there's only one left after this one, baby! For further reading, start from the...

Psychedelic Derivatives: Ayn Rand In the 21st Century

Goody Ayn ingested a potent dose of peyote in our last episode of Ayn's Ultimate High-Times Comic. This episode follows her spiritual journey and is sure to harsh your mellow, stoned readers. For those seeking more Ayn-times, read from...

Economic Stimulus: Ayn Rand In The 21st Century

Ayn seems to have come full circle since our first installment. Like a snake eating its own tail, Ayn is locked in a never-ending struggle to end Socialism forever and also to forever choke on her own vomit. Next Comic

Brotherhood of Steele: Ayn Rand In the 21st Century

Once, these comics were about serious political satire, but now they are all basically Bad Boys 2. Will guns and bootstraps help us get film options? COME ON OLIVER STONE YOU KNOW YOU WANT THIS. Next Comic

The Right to Arm Bears: Ayn Rand In the 21st Century

Remember the very beginning of Ayn's adventures? Life was so simple then. Sure, she's had her share of scraps since, but today she must face off against her most terrible opponent, an angry mama grizzly! Will she survive Allah's...

Thrills, Baby, Thrills: Ayn Rand In The 21st Century

Greetings, collectivist parasites! Ayn is back again in our amazing 6th chapter of Ayn Rand Adventures. If this is your first time checking in on Ayn, read from the beginning, or check the archive, where you can catch up...

The Ivory Tower: Ayn Rand in the 21st Century

Ayn Rand's Present Day Adventures continue in this, Episode V! In honor of this fifth weekiversary, we offer this very special chapter, which is pretty much just like all the previous episodes -- but more contemporary. Next Comic

A New Hope: Ayn Rand in the 21st Century

Unlike Robert Byrd, Ayn Rand will never die. If you've missed any of our previous episodes, you can catch parts one and two and three before subjecting yourself to this, Part IV. Next Comic

The Headfountain: Ayn Rand In the 21st Century

The third installment of Wonkette's Ayn Rand journalism comic is here! Vomit along with Ayn, by catching up with our first and second installments ... only then will you be prepared for Chapter III. Next Comic

Future Perfect: Ayn Rand in the 21st Century

It's the second exciting installment of our new Graphic Novel Comix Adventure, Ayn Rand's Adventures In Wonderland. (Last week's episode is here in case you missed it because you were too busy "Goin' Galt.") Next Comic: Ayn's vomiting continues.

That’s Objectivist: Ayn Rand in the 21st Century

Next Comic: Ayn meets the teabaggers.