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Fox News Vs. The Teens. Sorry, Fox.

Another Children's Treasury of Fox News versus reality.

President Pussy Caves To Teenagers Who Were Mean To Him On Twitter. GOOD.

Those kids in Florida are getting people's attention. Even the ones you'd expect to miss the point.
Look at all those magazines! Or are they clips?

Dems Introduce Assault Weapons Ban, Because Fuck Your Guns Is Why

Get ready for the geniuses asking if we want to ban CARS, TOO.

Wonkette Politicizes Las Vegas Mass Shooting By Mentioning Guns

Here we are again, mentioning guns even though it's #TooSoon.
Look at all those magazines! Or are they clips?

Supreme Court Lets Connecticut, New York Come For Your Assault Rifles, America Finished (Again)

The Supreme Court has declined to hear appeals to laws banning the sale or possession of assault-style rifles in Connecticut and New York. Guess that issue's settled, then.

A.G. Loretta Lynch Trigger-Warning Safe-Space Memory-Holes Orlando Pulse Shooter’s 911 Calls

The transcripts will be redacted to avoid the part where the shooter claimed to be a big ol' ISIS-loving terror jerk.
This AR-15 has a dream, too

Hillary Clinton Gonna Ban Your Assault Weapons, Which Don’t Exist And Must Be Protected

Hillary Clinton has renewed her call for a federal ban on military-style weapons, and now we all get to argue forever over what an 'assault rifle' is and why everyone needs one, for freedom.
What if...anime gun girls cause gun horror stories?

2015’s Most Responsible Gun Owners: We’ve Got The Whole Year In Our Cold, Dead Hands

America loves its guns, almost as much as it loves its Constitution, which consists wholly of the Second Amendment (and only the second clause of that amendment, of course). It's the best possible America in the whole world, except...

Liveblogging the End Of Freedom (Yet Again) As Barry Steals All The Guns

Oh, hey, Wonkers, Welcome to the end of America! The Kenyan Muslim Usurper is going to announce his plan to take ALL THE GUNS! Let's listen in! 11:55 Old Handsome Joe Biden is introducing the President and soberly explaining why...

Joe Wilson ‘You Lie’ Assault Rifle Thing: Way Late Or Right On Time?

A South Carolina gun and accessories company has been selling a very special, one-of-a-kind semi-automatic rifle component inscribed with "YOU LIE," to honor the state's favorite son Joe Wilson and his good Southern gentlemanly manners. Yes, for just $99.95,...