How is Queen Marie Antoinette Moochelle Nobumer class warring the poor people of Aspen today? She is class warring them by being too rich, that is how! Because the poor people of Aspen could not land their private jets because Michelle’s fat ass was in the way!

Sure, sure, it may seem a little … what’s the word … counterintuitive to say the upper-middle-class black lady who grew up in a struggling South Side family and pulled herself up by her … what’s the word … bootstraps … is the one who’s comically out of touch with the American people, and not, […]

Rick Perry recently skipped Texas, where there is an epic drought engulfing 90% of the state, so that he could tell social conservatives at a GOP donor sleepover party in Aspen (ahem) that the recent passage of a gay marriage bill in New York was its own business, states rights, etc. Then, here’s a little […]