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Remember the glory days of the 2008 election when we had the delightful specter of Ashley Todd claiming that Barack Obama’s thugs had held her down and carved a “B” in her face except haha she totally made it up and the “B” was facing the wrong way? We loved her! But now we are […]

EMERGENCY WONK'D  2:11 pm November 11, 2008

Cut-Nut’s On The Lam!

by Jim Newell

Wonkette clutch operative “Mark” writes, “I saw Ashley Todd in a Barnes & Noble in Pittsburgh. Her wounds have healed, though she looked a little nervous. She was just drinking a coffee and reading a magazine. I would call her a freeloader for not working at 11 AM on a Tuesday and reading magazines she […]

Keep on sending in those “politically themed” costume photos, people, tonight and tomorrow after you find yourself with a new case of warts after having had scary ghost-sex with a random Sarah Palin or Joe the Plumber you met on the street, trick-or-treating. Here are some photos people have sent in, divided into three categories: […]

Ashley Todd, the 20-year-old McCain volunteer who bravely attempted to incite a New American Race War with her fake story about getting mutilated by an angry black man and instead spawned a cheap Halloween costume trend, will not be sent to torture-prison for five and a half years. After a mere week in jail, she […]

Oh look, here is an indie-pop songstress who was brutally attacked by BErack OKama, an avenging Halloween Marxist who wants to teach John McCain supporters “a lesson” by gently painting his initials onto their cheeks. Thanks to Pam for bringing this strange coincidence to our attention. [Ingrid Michaelson]

Um, “Digg is totally hijacked by COINTELPRO and Likud party hacks. The best way to stop them is to allow the artificial world from whence they came to collapse,, and don’t bother to feed them when they come begging.” &c. [Ron Paul Forums]

Wonkette death crime operative “Courtney” sends us this disturbing photo of what Obama and the blacks have done to an innocent pumpkin who wandered into their ghetto. We have a feeling this is happening to thousands of pumpkins across the nation. Oh but of course the liberal MSM gotcha media would never criticize “The One” […]

John McCain’s campaign in Pennsylvania pushed the most absurd, unproven version of Ashley Todd’s dingbat Obama-Mugger fantasy to the Pittsburgh media — including the “backwards B means Barack!” nonsense that so thrilled the racists for a few hours last night. Just so we’re clear, let’s say it again: John McCain’s presidential campaign pushed the most […]

CUT-NUT  7:22 pm October 24, 2008

Ha Ha Ha: Ashley Todd Taken To Jail

by Ken Layne

Oh god, what a bunch of bullshit. Good-bye Forever, Cut-Nut! [KDKA 2]

Here’s your favorite Ashley Todd, the little smiling hobbit down there with her pals and her first hero, the Doctor Congressman Ron Paul, with Cowboy Jesus looking on in the background. Ashley’s not a “Real Paultard,” as she decided to root for another candidate after Ron Paul lost miserably. This hypocrisy is considered rather uncouth […]

Let us go where we always go during our Times of National Crisis: to the wingnut comments of our nation’s proud conservative blogs. These people were obviously very angry last night about how this Negroid Monster Obama Staffer nearly murdered the brave 20-year-old white gal from Texas who was working the McCain phone banks in […]

CUT-RATE CUT-NUT  4:08 pm October 24, 2008

by Ken Layne

CUT-NUT RETROSPECTIVE: “Drudge vs. Wonkette — The Ashley Todd Debacle,” plus unkind comments from your editor. [Fishbowl LA]

Not that we’re going to start believing everything Fox News reports/decides, but you know that Ashley Todd cut-nut ghost-negro racist fantasy that thrilled America for a single night? According to the executive editor of Fox News, America’s White/Poor Family News Channel, “Senator McCain’s quest for the presidency is over, forever linked to race-baiting.”

KDKA in Pittsburgh reports this BREAKING NEWS item: “A Pittsburgh police commander says a volunteer for the McCain campaign who reported being robbed and attacked near a bank ATM in Bloomfield has confessed to making up the story. Police say charges will be filed.” Ah HA HA HA HAH HAH. Do not try to bullshit […]

YES WE CARVE  1:24 pm October 24, 2008

by Jim Newell

NICE TRY, FRAUDBOT: Oh looky, she’s changed her story: “The student, Ashley Todd, of College Station, Texas, initially said a black man robbed her at knifepoint Wednesday night and then cut her cheek after seeing a McCain sticker on her car. Police say bank surveillance footage doesn’t show her at an ATM where she says […]