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There are some secret tapes of Mitch McConnell only talking, don’t be gross — and it appears the man is worse than we ever thought, in the how is he even able to dress himself much less be a Senator? way. When Ashley Judd said she was thinking hard about a possible run for Mitch’s […]

Oh sweet merciful christ the annual khaki-ed klavern that is CPAC has finally ended and thus we can start following less disgusting displays of retrograde political insanity, like sequester budget debates or public lynchings. Sadly, however, there is one more “story” to report from this pasty-fleshed convention from hell, and it involves everyone’s favorite bastard […]

Since Mitch McConnell’s campaign released its terrifying horror movie “McConnell Shake,” and now owns every Youth Vote and also the Vote of every Kentuckian who loves French Surrealism (and they are, of course, legion), Ashley Judd is probably gonna have to show her boobs a whole lot more. [TPM]

Daily Caller Entertainment Editor Taylor Bigler, fresh from her previous Pulitizer-nominated work discussing Obama’s dick-like signature, attempted to do her part for the Sheldon Adelson Pennysaver’s campaign attacking potential Senate candidate Ashley Judd. As Bigler is a serious journalist assigned to covering the world of celebrities and Royalty weight gain, she decided to abandon even […]

Vagina-American Ashley Judd is rumored to be in the early stages of a establishing a campaign against Senate Minority leader and real life one-dimensional House of Cards stereotype Mitch McConnell. Judd would enter the race with excellent financing, is universally well known, and is a genuinely nice person who devotes her time to fighting sexual […]

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Wonk’d: You Go. Really, Go.

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Gossip Roundup: Big Easy Drinks

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